Have you ever been on a certain diet that prohibits, say, sweets? If you ever stop the diet, you go for those sweets with a vengeance; you overeat.

Have you ever been deprived let us say, of pasta?
One day you dared to break the diet and tasted pasta.
What happened?
For the next few days, you probably overate pasta as if to compensate for all those days you deprived yourself of it.

Have you ever been sleep deprived? When you finally can sleep, you oversleep, right?

It is as if nature seeks balance. You do not satisfy one need enough, at the first opportunity your emotions or body will try to catch up.

And this does not apply just to food.

Communist regimes deprived people from accumulating wealth, accumulating capital. Money was not in abundance.

As the communist regime bit the dust and opened the gates for wealth accumulation, the people in those countries behave like starving people freed from a prison where food was allocated scarcely. They are more capitalistic in their behavior than the people in those countries that define themselves as being capitalist.

If you want to see a person eager to make more money in any way he can, go to any of the CIS countries. Work with Russians for instance.

If you try to talk them out of this eagerness to make a higher salary or more money and use the argument to follow what is good for the company or country, notice how they are grimacing. As if ready to throw up.

They have been fed this propaganda during communism to saturation. They are fed up with calls to sacrifice their personal interests for the good of the whole. They are interested in their own well being, first and above all, if not exclusively and now, not tomorrow. . .

Marxism was applied prematurely in countries, which economically were not developed enough.

In terms of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, one can not jump into self realization till one fulfills the lower level needs first.

The USA, which has accumulated wealth to the point that its industrial behavior is wasteful, is prone more to Marxism and socialism, than those that are attempting it now like Cuba or Venezuela.

The accusations thrown at President Obama that he is a closet socialist and the phenomena of Sanders who is openly a socialist is not a fluke. It is a predictable outcome of where the USA is in its development.

More examples:

People who have been deprived of love in their childhood are very needy for attention and love. Apparently when our needs are not provided for, we are in a deficit. Whenever we can replenish that deficit we do it with a fervor and obsessively, compulsively.

Consider people who did not get recognition growing up, who feel they were deprived of respect. They often react with a vengeance, and may even spread terror: If you do not recognize me when I act peacefully, maybe you will do so when I cause you pain. This phenomenon does not only happen on a macro level, like we see now with Islamic extremists in France. It happens in our households as well.

What about the Jewish people of Israel? For two thousand years the Jewish people were deprived of any power. They were oppressed and discriminated against. Now that they have a country of their own, power plays a very important role in their decision making in dealing with the Palestinians.

Just thinking,
Ichak Kalderon Adizes