I was visiting my Master of Sahaj Marg in India. He was old and sick and twice already passed away to be revived.

I asked him if he was scared of death.

I was.

He said: “ What is there to be scared of? You cannot be scared of what is inevitable.”

He told me of a disciple of his who told him he wanted to live two hundred years.

“ Just imagine,” said the Master “ that your wish is granted. When you are a hundred years old you see your children die. When you are hundred and fifty, your grandchildren die. …How do you feel?”

When the disciple realized that, he immediately reversed his wishes. He accepted that he will die when his time comes.

The idea I think is not to fear death but to fear dying while still alive.

How could that happen?

Well, let us define life. I am not referring to breathing, eating or sleeping. I am referring to life one feels worth living.

How does it happen?

It happens when you serve something else. Not just yourself.

Look around. Everything exists to serve something else. Look at your body. The heart exists for the rest of the body. And so do the lungs. And liver and kidneys… The only thing that serves no one else but itself, and thus death, is cancer.

To be alive means to be functional. Needed. Serving a cause bigger than yourself.

That is why I will not go to an old age home to wait for death to come and pick me up. That is to be dead while alive.

I will work as long as I can breath, think, create…be needed.

I will serve what God has created me to serve.
And when we do that don’t we feel alive?

There is something else the Master said which I found interesting.

He was looking forward to “dying”. I put the word “dying” in quotation marks because we do not die ever. We just change form. The body dies, the spirit lives.

He told me he is eager to realize what is “there.”

He had faith. I had fear.

I realized where my fear came from. From the finality of life.
Once one removes that fear, death becomes a natural transition.

There is no such dichotomy: life – death. When we are born we start dying. By the same token, may be when we die we start re – living. Differently.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes