Let me suggest that we all have the same goal: At the end of the day we are all looking for unconditional, total, absolute integration.

Samadhi. Enlightenment. Total peace. Heaven. Nirvana. Getting closer to God. All these expressions have the same connotation for me: total integration––which means: No problems. Nothing to worry about. No energy wasted. Peace.

Nearly everything we do is part of our attempt to reach that state of being.

Now, if we define total integration as a goal, there is a problem:  It is impossible to reach this goal. Because of change. Change, by definition, causes disintegration.


Everything in this world is a system and systems by definition are composed of subsystems, which when there is change do not change in synchronicity. In personal life, for example, we could be physically 40 years old, because we were born forty years ago, but with great learning experiences be intellectually in our seventies, while emotionally still teenagers and spiritually not been born yet.

Change causes the disintegration of the system and disintegration is manifested in what we call problems––our name for the various cracks and breakdowns in the system.

Notice, when a person has a lot of problems his friends will say: the guy is falling apart, he is coming unglued.  The same with a company that is experiencing rapid change that they cannot handle.

Since the cause of all problems is disintegration the solution to all problems is integration.   And integration is a function of Mutual Trust and Respect: The more MT&R- the more integration.

I have begun to see every problem as a test, a challenge: Do I have in me the self trust and respect to deal with my problem, and the trust and respect with and of others with whom I share the problem?  I am being tested. And the bigger is the test that I can handle, the stronger I become.