I end all my blogs with the signature, “Just thinking”.

I write these words to communicate to my readers that I am not preaching or trying to convince the reader to agree with what I am saying.

I am just thinking. Thus, I am open to feedback, of a critical nature or not.

But, to be honest, when I am writing I am not thinking at all.

How is it that my blogs happen to be written, then?

I write when I observe something and it triggers a realization. I sit down to write about what I only just realized.

I start writing without any idea of how the blog will end. I do not even know what my next sentence will be until I see it.

It is as if someone else is dictating and I am simply recording what they say.

So, I really should end all my blogs not with the phrase, “just thinking,” but with the phrase, “just reporting.” I am just a conduit for transcribing information.

I believe this sentiment is true for many creative people.

A painter starts with an idea of what he or she wants to paint, but what actually gets painted most probably will differ from what was initially intended.

In order to be an honest artist, the painter, the sculptor, and the music composer must control their ego. What they “create” is not created solely by them.

We are all vehicles transmitting information that comes not from within us, but from without us.

We convey that information through the medium we have a talent for (and even that talent is not our doing; we are so often born that way).

Many artists refuse to sign their paintings; the art is not exclusively theirs to claim.

They listened to a voice that was not speaking but was still telling them what to do next.

Yes, I believe in God.

Ichak Kalderon Adizes