Dear Valued Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we give you an opportunity to review an excerpt from my latest book. The book is a collection of my Insights that pertain to Policy Issues.  The following is an excerpt taken from the book’s introduction:

In this book – the first of a series of Insights collections – all of the essays deal with governmental policy, both within and among nations. The ideas for the Insight column often evolved out of something I saw or heard or felt as I traveled around the world, consulting to organizations that included government administrations, Parliaments, Cabinets, and sometimes even the president of the country.

Then, in light of the response from my readers, I often rethought the essays, re-edited or rewrote them, and also updated the ones that needed it.

So here, in that somewhat changed form, are my thoughts as they evolved at the beginning of the 21st century, as I witnessed changes – as well as their unintended consequences – occurring before my own eyes.

In particular, these Insights offer a fascinating close-up of how countries all over the world – developed countries as well as countries in transition – dealt first with the phenomenon of globalization, and then recently with a Western financial crisis that went viral within hours, proving a point that I have often tried to make: that, like it or not, countries are going to have to learn to live and work together, or they are not likely to survive at all.

Some of my observations, even those written less than five years ago, might appear outdated, even antiquated. But that, too, is a valuable observation: If my opinion seems quaint only three years after I wrote it, that is even more proof (as if we needed more proof) that change is accelerating beyond the capacity of human beings to deal with it reasonably.
I hope these Insights will stir debate.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes

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