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Daring to Think "Out of the Box"

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The formula I discovered that predicts success, no matter how it is defined, says that success is a function of external integration divided by internal disintegration. External integration is a function of how well the opportunities in the

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How Not to Decide

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Imagine you are walking down an unfamiliar street and come to an intersection. Now you must make a decision: go left? Right? Forward? Or should you turn around and go

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On Expectations and Job Interviews

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“Ask yourself: Can you fulfill this candidate’s expectations?” I received a question from an associate, Nebojsa Caric, that gave me a new illumination. The question was how to handle the fact

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The Profit Motive

Everything has its time and place, conditions under which it is appropriate. Nothing except God is absolute and forever. The above statement, that nothing is appropriate everywhere and forever, I suggest

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