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PAEI and Hygienic Living

Living hygienically means nurturing conditions that promote health, either to prevent disease or to cure the root of the disease. Typical Western medicine is not, in my opinion, hygienic.  It does

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My Jazz Revelation

I really hated modern jazz. There is no melody––or at least that is what I thought––just a diarrhea of sound that gave me a headache. Well, as God would want it, my 17-year-old son is a fanatical aficionado of jazz. He plays the saxophone and studies jazz at a boarding school that specializes in music.

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How to Resist Temptations

Professor Deborah MacInnis, a professor and Vice Dean for Research and Strategy at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, has done some fascinating research that

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What is a Vacation?

My wife and I took a vacation this week. We went to visit a friend of mine and his wife who have a chalet in Chamonix, France. From my window I can see the MontBlanc. It occurred to me that the last––and only––vacation I have

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