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Signs of Disintegration

On one hand, it’s hard not to notice that the world is becoming “smaller.” The Internet is one cause; others include air travel; a reduction in visa requirements; the rise of

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Where is God?

During the Jewish High Holidays I go to the synagogue and I am always taken back by the descriptions of God in the prayer book. He (the Deity is somehow

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On Being Jewish

I just finished a book I could not put down until the last page: Treblinka, by Jean-Francois Steiner. Originally published in French in 1966, it has been translated into 16 languages. Simon & Schuster first published the English translation in 1967. The book

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How to Faithfully Apply Decisions in Personal Life

In a previous blog, "What can we learn from Dion," I raised the question: Why is Dion so different? I wrote about how he decides and implements without wavering, without wasting energy doing the transition from decision to implementation. Most mortals, myself included, decide but

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