Insights on Policy Issues

Treating Cancer

Working as a Symbergetic™ Organizational Therapist, treating the chronic problems commonly found in organizations, I often come across a problem I call “deadwood.” These are people who no longer provide any functional role within the company. They use up energy and resources, get paid, and some even have people whom they should manage, but they do not contribute to the system they pertain to, and like cancer, they spread.

Do What Is Right, or What Works?

As a manager, from time to time I'm confronted with a dilemma: Some of the people who work for me might ask for compensation which doesn't fit the compensation format or policy of the organization. However, these individuals may be producing incredible results or managing well and wish to be duly compensated.

"What Keeps Underdeveloped Nations from Developing, with specific reference to the Balkan Region" - Conference on Developing Countries

The question that you assigned to me to deal with is, in general, what's holding developing countries from making the jump and becoming developed? What's holding them back? And specifically, what to do for the Balkan region? I'm not an expert on the subject, but I did work in '91 consulting to the Serbian Prime minister Zelenović. I did work with the Macedonian Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski and President Gligorov and at the time also consulted to Mitsotakis of Greece. And I worked for other countries outside the Balkan. ...

On Organized Religion

Although religions are different, they all serve, pray, to the same God, and that God is love; We all search and pray for love. The difference in religions is HOW we search love and search for God.

Acceptance Speech:  Accepting the Twenty-First Honorary Doctorate from the  Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland

Your honor, Chancellor of Caledonian University, members of the Board of Trustees, Deans, faculty, alumni, students, ladies, and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I accept this award of Doctor honoris causa, especially from this university, and I would like to tell you why.

On Truth and Justice

Truth and justice are related. I have my subjective truth I believe in, and you have your subjective truth you believe in. We have a debate: What is right, what is wrong. We discuss, we learn from analyzing the differences in our points of view and arrive at an understanding. ...

Cheating the Body

When you have a headache, you take an aspirin. Is that because your head is aspirin deficient? Obviously not. So what does the aspirin do? It relieves the symptoms of the headache without addressing the causes of the ailment.Pain is the way the body communicates: help, we have...

Why We are NOT Socially Responsible

At the February 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, the founder and president of the Forum criticized the economic theory and business practice that view shareholders as the clients of a business organization, the ones for whom the organization exists to provide returns on the...

The Pain of Overdevelopment

In the old Sephardic language Judeo-Español, there is an expression my mother used to say: todu que es demasiado no vale. Translation: anything that is too much is no good.I was eating dinner with a famous doctor and jokingly asked, “While you are standing on one foot, tell me...

Justice in Peri

Years ago, I sued a formerassociate for stealing and appropriating my intellectual property.We went to court. After two hundredthousand dollars in legal fees, I lost on a technicality.I protested, where is justice?“If you want justice,” a friend ofmine, another lawyer, said i...