The formula I discovered that predicts success, no matter how it is defined, says that success is a function of external integration divided by internal disintegration.

External integration is a function of how well the opportunities in the market place are matched with the capabilities of the company. The better the two are matched, the better the company is integrated with its market, as measured by market share and repeated sales.

Integrating company capabilities to market needs requires managerial energy, and we know that energy is fixed at any point in time. Energy that should be available for external integration can easily be wasted by internal disintegration.

Internal disintegration is a function of mutual trust and respect. The less mutual trust and respect in the culture of the company, the more internal disintegration there woll be and  thus the less energy will be available  to deal with integrating the company externally.

A company is in its Prime condition, and thus positioned for sustainable success, when it is integrated both externally and internally.

The above is old stuff. Now, the latest insight:

When is a person most integrated? Wouldn’t you agree that it is during those few seconds of an orgasm when making love?

During those seconds, we are “lost in space” – we do not know where we are, or what time it is, or anything else.

During those seconds, we are fully integrated with everything – and aware of nothing.

Please notice the apparent contradiction: It is as if nothing and everything meet.

What happens when a star gets sucked into a black hole? Its mass gets more and more dense – i.e.,integrated – until everything becomes nothing, or maybe it is more accurate to say that nothing and everything become the same.  Or that is how i understand it and i might be wrong having no training on the subject.

But that nothing and everything “meet” should not come as a surprise. The earth is not flat, so going in one direction will bring you all the way around to your starting point.

On a flat earth, you would have opposites at two ends, like love and hate, cold and hot, or black and white and integration vs disintegration.

But in a round earth,  there is no begining and thus no end: Extreme love might be the beginning of resentment, and may I suggest, somethong that defies our experoence,  that extreme hatred can be the beginning of  love.

When you have a fever (are hot), what happens to your body? You shiver (feel cold). At the North Pole,looking for too long at the white snow can make you blind (see blackness). When you close your eyes in total darkness, you see white dots.

So why shouldn’t extreme everything be the begining of nothing and extreme nothing the begining of everything?

When we meditate, we learn to “go in” and totally calm our minds. If we can free our minds from thinking about anyting (thinknothing), we may find God –which to me is everything.

OK, so what?

In management, if my theory of success holds, we should try to reach this point of total internal and internal  integration. But if  this insight  is right , total integration  will be the begoning of disintegration.

Makes sense to me because of change. Both the external and internal environments constantly change, making continuous, steady integration impossible.

It is not a question of good or bad. It is what it is,and managers should see this as a challenge: to work on integration, continuously and forever, knowing that it is a task for Sysyphus – a never-ending job.

Total integration, total happiness , total health , anything ” total”, do not exist in a dynamic system which is life and life is continuous change.

The role of management is to continuosly work on integration and once achieved,  cause disintegration or what Shumpeter called “creative destruction,”  by leading change. And repeat the circle  again and again. ( This is another argument for the need for a complementary team: one causes change and thus disintegrates and the other tries to bring the pieces together)

Now: Back to absolute integration, i.e., God: Just as in management, where we can achieve integration only by continuously integrating whay naturally gets disintegrated by life forces of change, we can only find God through the process of seeking God. We can not find him  and ” rest”.  Only continuously seek him . In seeking enlightenment we are enlightened.

Who is truly a servant of God? The true spiritual person is not someone who follows the rules of religion blindly but one who is constantly asking questions and struggling to understand the meaning of God. It is the seeker, who recognizes the fact that  he will never find a final answer.

If the above argument makes sense , than those who claim to have exclusive knowledge of God and God’s laws, and persecute those whose interpretations and beliefs are different, i wonder if they are  really serving God? I question their spirituality.

Since life is change and change causes disintegration the way to live is to seek the elusive, never to be found , total integration which means that the answer to life is to continually ask.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes