Dear Friends,

I want to tell you about Adizes Graduate School for which i am soliciting your donation.

The school is not for profit and is approved by the State of California to grant Masters and Doctorates in two fields: Academic program for the study of Change Leadership and a Professional program in Organizational TherapyTM. Both are based on and teach the Adizes theory and practice.

Classes are with no more than 6 students, and the professor is not expected to teach. His or her role is to ask questions. It is the students that have to teach each other and find the answers. It is a unique school to learn how to think, how to debate a subject and learn from others who do not agree with each other.

We train people to lead change, to heal organizations and make a better world using the Adizes systemic management theory and practice approach.

With six students per class, it is obviously not economically viable, but a larger class size will make the learninginteraction not viablebecause the class is an ongoing debate carried through the internet. For years, I havesupported it financially. My will has it that my ownership of the Institute goes to the school. But, I am of age, and if there is not any grassroots’ support for this innovative school, which will keep my legacy and teaching alive, it might fold.

Therefore,I turn to you my faithful readers.

Any sum no matter how small, makes a difference.

If you find my blog ever making a difference for you, please donate to AGS.

I appreciate your support.

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes


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