I have been struggling with weight loss for many, many years.

Here is what I have learned; this is an insight I have not seen in any of the books I read or programs I attended for weight loss.

I love the taste of delicious food. The tastier it is the hungrier I get: I want more. The result: weight gain. So if I can combat taste, I can combat weight gain. What gives food its flavor is a combination of fat, salt, and carbohydrates.

Why do we love bread? Carbs, salt, and oil!

If you cut carbs from your diet, you will lose some weight but not as much as you could lose if you eliminate all three. You could eliminate carbs, but keep eating high-quality cheese with dried fruit for the sake of taste. But what is cheese, if not milk fat plus salt? And there is no such thing as calorie-free fat. Just one teaspoon of olive oil has 70 calories. You would probably have to walk two miles just to get rid of those calories.

If you cut one of these elements, you sacrifice a bit of taste and lose some weight. Cut all three for twenty-one days and your taste buds will adapt their preferences—you will lose weight constantly.

Just thinking,

Ichak Kalderon Adizes