Reading the Bible recently, I gained some insights. I have written my thoughts and split them into two parts because of their length. Last week, I shared Part one. This week, I am sharing Part two.
Part Two:
When we were in Heaven, God instructed us not to eat from two trees: The Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.
We did not obey, and we ate from the Tree of Knowledge. We gained knowledge. We continue to study and conduct research to learn more and more. Yet, the more we know, the more we suffer. Ignorance is so much more comfortable than cognizance. That is why it is called the Heaven of Ignorance.
Because we decided to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, God expelled us from heaven to suffer, but He did not damn us to hell. We are not in heaven or hell—we are in purgatory, somewhere in between heaven and hell.
But, now we are threatening to eat from the second forbidden tree, the Tree of Life. Eating from this tree will surely take us from purgatory to hell.
How could we eat from the Tree of Life?
We can create life as we choose and not as God chooses. To me, cloning living organisms is analogous to eating from the Tree of Life. The research on cloning is moving forward at full speed. We have cloned a sheep, and the day will come when we will clone a human. Imagine life on earth with cloned people. Leading futurists claim that if we live just ten years longer, we will be able to choose to live forever. Devices and chips and transplanted organs produced by clones will soon allow us to live forever. We are trying to create life by prolonging life. What would the world look like full of people who will never die? I believe this path will take us to hell.
I have another insight.
Do you know what the name of God is? Jehovah.
When you use the letter yod (the Hebrew letter “Y”) in front of a verb, it means that you will perform that verb in the future. For instance, yaavod means, “He will work in the future.”
In Hebrew, hove refers to the present tense.
Thus, the name of God, Ye hoveh, is an order. The name of God means, “Make your future today.”
Do not wait for tomorrow to make or be what you want to make or be. Do it today. You cannot live in the future. Live your future today.
There is a bar in Amsterdam. On the wall is a sign that says, “Free drinks tomorrow.” They have not served one free drink yet. Whoever asks for a free drink gets the same answer. The bartender says, “Tomorrow.”
Imagine what you want your future to be. Start living it right now. It is God’s name and order.
Daring to think and share,
Ichak Kalderon Adizes
Founder and CEO, Adizes Institute Worldwide