Ultimately, the most extreme opposites meet.

Let me explain what I mean:

The earth is not flat. If you continually go east, you end up arriving where you started–from the west.

By the same token, hate and love are not separate. Extreme love is the beginning of resentment and dependency, which can start to feel like hate. And extreme hate can be the beginning of love, when the slightest sign of an opportunity to connect occurs.

Black and white are not really a huge distance from each other. In absolute blackness, you will start to see white spots. And if you look at pure white for a prolonged period of time, and you might become blind and see only blackness.

Now the interesting point: It just occurred to me that if the above is true and universal, that means that life and death are not separate, either. They, too, meet. The beginning of life is the beginning of death and if that is true, I wonder: does it mean that also…death is the beginning of life?

The first part makes perfect sense to me. When we are born, we are at the beginning of our lives, and that, by definition, is when we start our journey toward death. And if we know that statement is correct, then why wouldn’t the second part also be correct–that when we die, somehow, a new life starts, too?

Now, I am not suggesting that we are reborn as lions or dogs or whatever. I am not claiming that there is life after death. I cannot say I know what it is that I am conjecturing, or what its nature is. But it appears to me that if ultimates do meet, then there is nothing truly ultimate and final.



Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes