No, the title of this blog is wrong. Israel should be VERY strong.

No, no. Wrong again. Israel must be so strong that its enemies can never contemplate an attack on the Jewish state.


I am watching the news. Assad murdered 60 people who were standing in line at a bakery in Syria. They were waiting to buy bread. These were Syrian citizens. Non combatants.

If Assad is capable of punishing his OWN people in this way, what would the Syrians do to Jews if they succeed in conquering even a part of Israel?

But, it is not just Syria or Assad.
What happened in Lebanon? What is happening in Gaza to anyone who disagrees with Hamas?

And what about the manipulative use of children? Sending them to kill themselves as shahids. Using children as human shields.

And what about Iran? What happens in Iran to women who are not fully covered walking the street?

And did not Sadam Hussein attack Iran with chemical weapons?

And what happened and is happening to Coptic Egyptians ( i.e. to those Egyptians who are not Muslims)?

And look what is happening in Pakistan, in Afghanistan.  Death, killings and beheadings are almost a standard operating procedure.

There is no respect for life in that neighborhood.

If that is how they treat their own people, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to project how will they treat the Jewish people, if given the slightest opportunity.

If any Arab nation succeeds in conquering Israel, Jewish blood will flow like a river. And who will stop them? Who stopped Auschwitz? Who stopped the pogroms?

Yes, there were righteous people who saved Jews. I was saved by an Albanian Muslim family. But is that THE solution? To rely on a handful of “saints?”

Am I writing this blog out of fear?

You bet.

There is too much at stake not to fear.
Watch the news.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes