I just read a piece that was e-mailed to me written by a Druze Israeli military commander, Mazid Abbas, claiming Israeli Arabs are spoiled and ungrateful.

He makes the following points: the income of Israeli Arabs is high but they pay almost no taxes. They do not even pay municipal taxes. Their local services are subsidized by the government.

Their standard of living is quite respectable. Visit any Arab village and notice the size of the homes. Enormous.

Political freedom? They have more rights and freedom than offered in any Arab country.

They receive free education. Many Israeli Arabs graduate from Universities and serve as medical doctors in hospitals. An Arab is a member of the Israeli Supreme Court and some serve as Ambassadors abroad.

So how does one explain the Arab street support in Israel for Hezbollah and Hamas? That is being ungrateful, claims Mr. Abbas.

One can explain it, no?

True, their standard of living is high, but their quality of life is low.  If one takes into account pride, a sense of self-worth, the ability to advance one’s career, not for the few but for all Israeli Arabs, a picture emerges of a group that feels itself to be second-class citizens.

OK, that might explain their behavior. But why do they then refuse to be part of the new country, Palestine?

If they feel like second class citizens in Israel, they should welcome the opportunity to be part of their own country, Palestine. They had this choice. In the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Israel offered to transfer one of its largest Arab townships, Um El Fahem, to the Palestinian state if it emerges.

The inhabitants of Um El Fahem rejected the offer. They voted en masse against the idea. And they are not alone. The Israeli Arabs prefer to live in Israel. But isn’t that is strange?  To prefer to be part of a society that discriminates against them?

To support those who consistently call for the destruction of   the country they prefer to live in?

Are they normal?

Yes they are.



What do you think will happen If Hamas or Hezbollah or some Palestinian faction succeeds in defeating Israel?

Blood will flow like a river in the streets of Tel Aviv. But not only Jewish blood.

I suggest to you the Palestinian victors will behead every Israeli Arab they find.

Men, women and children.

Yes, they will first kill the Arabs.

It is not unheard of for Arabs to kill Arabs.

There are precedents. The Palestinian terrorists bombed an Arab restaurant in Haifa. Some Israelis died, but so did the Arabs. And this was not a case of mistaken identity or a wrong address.

Look what ISIS is doing to the Sunnis.

It is clear they do not discriminate. They are more than willing to cut anyone’s throat so long as they consider him or her the enemy.

But why Israeli Arabs?

Because for a Palestinian from the refugee camps, the Arabs who reside in Israel as citizens are collaborators living in plenitude.  Meanwhile, they – the Palestinians – are starving in the camps. The resentment is even greater than their hatred of Jews.

What, then, is an Israeli Arab to do?

Buy “insurance.”


Support Hezbollah, support Hamas. Initiate some terror acts to show they are not Israeli collaborators. And at the same time refuse to join the Palestinian state and pray that Israel survives.

I believe Israeli Arabs have a reason to be mortally frightened that the Palestinians might win a war and destroy Israel.

Israeli Arabs are on the fence. They want to show loyalty to the Palestinian cause while counting on the survival and eventual triumph of the Jewish state.  As long as Israel exists their survival is assured – which will not be the case if Israel loses.

If Israeli authorities will only realize it is Jewish and Arab citizens who have a common interest: they both need Israel to survive. The Jewish government needs to help those Arab citizens get off the fence and truly become equal citizens.

They will not need to “buy insurance” by acting as terrorists from time to time or supporting Israeli enemies.

It will strengthen the nation and not incidentally prolong its life.

Just thinking.

Ichak Kalderon Adizes