This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on October 04, 2017.

I was going to publish today a blog about kneeling when the American anthem is played. It will have to wait for next week. The events in Las Vegas upset me so much that I must react to it and now.

I am listening to the news. Reading the newspapers. People are praying.

I say: stop praying. It looks as if we are doing something when in reality WE are doing nothing. Just passing the buck to God to save us. We pray and hope God will do something.

WE, yes WE, and not just God, should do something. This country, America, for me is too tolerant. Too democratic. Too civilized. We tolerate outrageous acts with a prayer. In a less developed, less civilized country, people will march, people will riot. Against whom? Against the congressmen or senators, against any politicians that support the NRA.

I was just listening to Obama on Facebook. He said that he could not even make the Congress legislate that he could do research on gun violence. They would not legislate that automatic rifles should be banned.

The NRA is using the democratic process to promote their interests to the extreme.

Where is the outrage? Why not march to the homes of those politicians who voted with the NRA and do a hunger strike in front of their house. Make them know we are sick and tired and had enough of yielding to votes which enable people to murder innocents. How many more have to die, to be shot and killed, for us to rise in disgust and vote the gun lovers out of power?

People want to have guns for recreation? They should be members of shooting clubs to get a rifle and only a rifle that is good for sport shooting or hunting. No more.

How come we are numb when massacres like this happen? How come I do not see the outrage?

When I came to this country I was in a car listening to the radio. There was an interruption to the music and they announced that Skopje, my birthplace, has experienced an earthquake. Thousands were dead. And right after that there was an ad for toothpaste. I did not know to cry or to gasp in horror. Where is the respect for the dead people. It is not another news story. It is people who died.…..

I consulted to TV networks. There is a whole science when to place an ad. You look for when the attention span of the viewer will be heightened. Then you place the ad. And that means when someone dies. Or is under threat.

I claim to you, we are numb to human disasters. The TV, the media is not heightening the experience. On the contrary, it is using the disaster as a vehicle to sell more ads. Make more money.

I am not praying. I am screaming.

Ichak Kalderon Adizes