This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on January 17, 2018.

The more I read or observe him on the news on TV the more convinced I am he is the billboard presentation (not poster presentation, billboard one) of type E personality. He is right out of my book Leading the Leaders (Adizes Institute Publication available from Amazon)

He is never alone. There is always a crowd around him. He needs a crowd of admirers. That is why he repeats his campaign like events. He needs this dose of admiration periodically.

And in meetings he is talking most of the time. Not listening much. And from knowing this personality type he really truly believes in what he says or promises. He is genuine. He truly believes he CAN make America great again. He is convinced of that. And he truly believes he will do it fast. No problem. When the problems of implementation show up, he does not evaluate his promises, may be they were unrealistic. No, he looks for a scapegoat. Someone who is messing up his plans. Someone who is holding back cooperation or sabotaging it and that is the reason for his failure to deliver.

Type E has a streak of paranoia in them. Always has to have an enemy who is the cause of why their dreams cannot be realized. They themselves are seldom right but never in doubt. They feel they are always right. Period. It is other peoples fault the promises cannot be fulfilled.

In my previous blogs where I wrote about Trump I predicted he might get impeached because he can not help himself to break boundaries, rituals, even laws. He will challenge all boundaries and in doing so run the chance of violating the American constitution and be impeached.

And it is already happening. There is talk that if found guilty for collusion with the Russians it might be a cause for impeachment.

Even if he passes this time with the Russian inquiry there will be other “scandals” for sure. He will continue challenging the norms and in doing so run the danger of being rejected.

I agree with many of his plans of what America needs. I agree with the What to do and WHY it is needed. (Not all but many of his points). Where he will fail is not what he wants to do or why he wants to do it but the HOW. He does not know how to run a democratic system. He knows how to order and run an entrepreneurial, controlled organization and that is not America.

There are some jokes that might be pertinent to the subject of understanding Trump. Here they are:.

A young lady marries an up and coming advertising executive. A very, very successful one.

After one year of marriage she goes to her mother and tells her she will ask for a divorce.

“Why,” asks the mother “He is so successful and handsome and rich. What is the matter?”

“Well mom, every night he sits next to me in bed and tells me how great is our sex going to be. He describes it and is excited about it but he never does anything to make it happen.”

And here is another one.

A politician comes home all excited.

“We won. I got elected.”

“You do not lie? “exclaims his wife

“ Do not need to anymore. I am elected now. “

Just thinking,

Ichak Kalderon Adizes