The world’s hypocrisy hurts especially if you are Jewish and even more if you are Israeli.  When Israel bombs Gaza and civilians are killed, there are international demonstrations and calls for the world to punish Israel for “a massacre” although, as Israel points out, civilian deaths are a collateral damage of any war, especially this one where Hamas uses civilian sites from which to fire missiles.

While masses all over the world are furious with Israel, they are mostly silent on the fact, which no one denies, that Assad of Syria bombed and killed at least one hundred and ninety THOUSAND civilians, and sent more than a MILLION refugees spilling into neighboring countries. Have you heard of any, I mean ANY, even one large enough to fill a Volkswagen car, demonstration against Syria? Or against Qatar which is openly financing ISIS, the jihadist group that recently publicly beheaded a British journalist?

Or a public cry raised against Hamas after it executed eighteen so-called Palestinian collaborators, in an open square, with no court, no investigation, and no trial—nothing?

Where are the denunciations of ISIS for uprooting thousands of Yazidis? Or rallies protesting the acts of radical Muslims who have abducted girls from school and hold them hostage as sex slaves?

Why the silence?

In Israel, the ready-made answer for any injustice is that the world hates Jews; that anti-Semitism is alive and thus they pick on Israel for whatever it does. Pure discrimination. Maybe this is the reason but there is more to it.

Here is my insight.

In primitive tribes if someone has a mental disorder, a mad man, he is considered a sacred person and not to be harmed.  If we have someone in the family or in our close circle of friends who is extremely opinionated, we do not waste time arguing or condemning, we just ignore him.

There is a reason for this behavior. It is related to the economic principle discovered by evolutionary biologist, William Hamilton, whose discovery says:  All human behavior, whether we are aware of it or not, is driven by a simple formula of cost value relations: All living organisms try to minimize the waste of energy so they are constantly comparing cost to value. If the cost is higher than the perceived value, they act one way; if the cost is lower, they behave another way.

Now let us apply his principle and compare the Jewish state of Israel with the radical Muslims, whatever name they carry.

Israel is a democracy. It is populated by Jews who (the world will not deny) are educated, intelligent, people with whom one can argue. To demonstrate against Israel, against the Jews, when in Israel there are leftists who agree with the demonstrators, and there are Jews who are leading the demonstrations, is like fishing in a barrel. The voice will be heard.  Netanyahu will react. Israel will respond. So let us put pressure on Israel. Let us demonstrate. They listen.

Compare that to the radical Muslims. There is nothing to talk about. They refuse to even talk to the rest of the world. It is a waste of time and energy to demonstrate or even to write a scorching article attacking their behavior. It will fall on deaf ears. Thus the silence.

But, you might ask, who cares if there are no comparable massive demonstrations against radical Muslims? Are there any negative repercussions?

Yes, there are.

We live in a democratic society where people vote and where politicians carefully follow the sentiments expressed by the media and the public.

When people demonstrate and the media attacks Israel, politicians who to be re-elected need to be popular, so they go with the stream. They denounce Israel and legislate all kinds of punishments.

The cost of a politician’s denunciation of the Jewish state is low.  The value is high. It yields votes.  Not so true when handling radical Muslims. Here the cost of action is high: The Muslims demonstrate, threaten. The value of acting, however, is low. There is little political benefit to act; the rest of the population is silent. This explains to me why politicians choose to hide behind a form of political correctness in explaining their lack of reaction to the major inflow of Muslims into their country.

The danger of this political stance is that politicians are not aggressively stopping the spreading of potentially radical Muslims presence in the world; the patients in the mental hospital have taken over the hospital because the medical staff has lost hope it can do anything about them…

It hurts to see the demonstrations denouncing Israel; particularly when Israel is trying to defend itself and its civilians, while silence greets the atrocities of radical Muslims. I understand why, but the discrimination still hurts.

Just thinking.

Ichak Kalderon Adizes