The word “Obese” sounds so disgusting. Who wants to be obese? Maybe overweight, but obese is really  offensive to hear.

The medical definition of obesity is that if your weight or body fat is a certain number you are obese, whatever that number is.

You need to lose weight or else…

The else is quite ominous: disease, early death, hard to sit in a small chair and having to pay double for two seats on a plane  or having quite a miserable sex life.

You wonder which is worse…

So we need to lose weight.


Go on a diet.



After trying a dozen diets I found one that works: SOS VEGAN.  No meat, fish, fowl, dairy, eggs,  salt, sugar or any fats.

Lost  in a month fifteen pounds.

How do you sustain it? Aha. That is where the problem is. It is not in losing it but in keeping it off

I found what causes me to get off the diet:

When I am sleep deprived (especially because of jet lag).
When I am stressed.
When I am tired.

What happens then?

I feel miserable. I need something to pick me up.  I look for some pleasure in my life.  And I turn to food. Rich food. Salty or sweet food. And with olive oil . And concentrated calories…

What is the insight?

That people that are fat and obese are miserable. Not the happy go lucky.
The myth is that overweight people are happy and skinny people are miserable.

May be it was true hundred years ago when people were not conscious  that fat is no good for you.  My grandfather and grandmother were obese but that was considered in the society of the time a sign of success. That they made it in life. Skinny people were the losers. Those who had not enough to eat.

The world changed.

Who overeat? Those that feel miserable , stressed, tired, sleepless. Those that look for some pleasure in life which they do not have otherwise.


I know of companies who will never admit it but they do not hire people that are overweight. They consider them non productive enough. They are miserable.


I need to find pleasure somewhere else , not from my food if I want to lose weight. I can not cut on travel and on stress and on sleepless nights. It comes with the territory of my career so I need to find a substitute pleasure…

How about daily massages??

Worth trying.

Will report.



Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes