(Written during Easter Sunday)

I believe that Jesus Christ existed. And I am Jewish and not a member of the Jews for Jesus movement.

What is it that I believe?

Throughout the history of mankind, a person is born, man or woman, who genetically and/or by upbringing, is more sensitive to values, to justice, to truth, to integrity. Much more than even the most sensitive person. They are at the right edge of the distribution curve: The 0.0000000000001 percent of the population at the time. (Please do not take the number literally).

Their (I), from the PAEI  code, is the largest of all. They listen to different “music” than normal people and have “a fire in their gut” that compels them to speak what they see and feel.

Because they are a deviation from the norm, from the statistical mode, they are not accepted; They are burned to death (Joan D ‘Arc), or executed (Jesus Christ), or they try to escape their destiny, unsuccessfully (Yonah).

They are called Prophets.

The Jewish religion says that Malachi was the LAST prophet. It must have been some (A) in Jewish history who decided “to close the book” and stop change.

I suggest to you that whenever there is change there are going to be people who have a message to deliver, a new or a refurbished one about how to survive, emotionally and spiritually, the confusion and the pain that change brings about.

Moses, who according to the Jewish religious tradition was the greatest prophet of them all, lived during the emancipation of the Hebrews from slavery.

And Jesus lived during the Roman times when the Hebrews were experiencing major turmoil.

And Mohamed was a prophet too, who lived during a time of change.

Prophets are born all the time and prophesize in times of social change. Major change.

There are minor prophets today, each one with a message of his own. Deepak Chopra is one.  The different living Masters who come to us from India are another group.

There are also “false messiahs”, false prophets, too: The different gurus, the flavor of the week,  the best sellers, who make a fortune and disappear into oblivion.

Jesus was a most DOMINANT and SIGNIFICANT prophet, because he channeled a message  that was not only appropriate for his times, but as it turns out, it was a message for eternity. It was all about love.

Who can be against that?

And he died. Not for our sins. (I take responsibility for my sins and no one else should die for them.)

He died because he deviated from the behavior accepted at the time, which in turn looked as though he was starting a revolution that threatened those in power.

What is so strange about that? This story repeats itself all the time. Throughout history…

Was he the son of God? Not figuratively. Not literally. We are all sons of God. He was the chosen son. From the chosen people.  Chosen in the sense that he served as a conduit, a channel, for a message from the eternal value system I call God.

Did resurrection occur?

Sure. Anyone with a powerful message lives, especially someone who delivers a message that has validity throughout time. Not figuratively. Not physically. But in spirit. They live as long as their message is still valid.

For me, Karl Marx as a prophet is dead. His message also delivered during a time of major social change (the industrialization of Europe) was not valid. It did not survive. (Thank God.)

Jesus Christ lives because his message continues to impact people’s lives..

I do not only accept Jesus,  but I have no difficulty following the words that Jesus Christ brought to people.


I support those words, those sentiments.

I do not support the (A) part of the religion. The rituals. The rejection of those who do not follow the rituals.

We all share the same values. That is what counts for me. Not the form. Not the rituals. Not the symbols and stories that people recount and believe occurred. They believe that those stories literally occurred while for me they were metaphors, analogies.

It is the (A) in our mind which prevents us from comprehending the (I) message.

It is the (A) of the religion that separates us from each other.

If we focused on the (I), we would find we are all ONE.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes