On Trust

In my lecture I claim that since there is no win- win in the short run , because there is always conflict of interests, we need to work on the long run win -win and that happens where there is a “ give and take”. For that to happen there must be faith , trust, that ones giving will be reciprocated.

Yesterday I lectured to about 150 Israeli Arab entrepreneurs. First time I have lectured to Arabs ever so I was  interested how they will react to the lecture. I was interested in their reaction  because in Arabic the saying is not “give and take “ but “ take and give “ which shows lack of trust in their culture.

After the lecture one person approached me and made the following comment , which I believe is worth sharing with you .

He said that it should not be  “ give and take” . It should be “ give and receive” .

Taking is easy he said;  It is receiving that  is difficult.; One has to be willing to acknowledge what was given. There is emotion in receiving  which does not have to happen in “taking”.

Any reaction from any other culture?

On Entrepreneurial energy

I have spent my Passover time in Israel. Working nevertheless. The lecture I want to report on is the one I gave to Israeli Arab entrepreneurs.

It was most exciting. The audience was friendly, alert, making excellent questions and challenges. I would say it was one of the best audiences I had in years.

It reminded me of the Albanian community in Macedonia. The same phenomena of a very alert smart, intelligent, challenging audience.

Or lecturing to  the Armenians in Russia.

One will find the same happening if one lectures anywhere else in the world where there is an audience representing a  minority of that country. They are struggling to prove themselves.  Thus the alertness, the energy exhibited.

It  reminded me of one of the causes of organizational aging:  perceived relative market share.

When a company has a majority of the market and the competitor is far behind , the company slows down. It  has less to worry about than a company that is competing to be noted.  The same is apparently true  for social ethnic minorities in a country. They do not have a major share of the economic wealth; they have to be alert and diligent.

The insight I derived from this experience is that if one wants to find managerial energy, entrepreneurial energy, one should go to where the under privileged are. And one of the groups that are pushing for recognition are women.   Women power is not an empty word . They have much more energy than we, men.

Offering women , and minorities a position of leadership in a company is not doing them a favor or just showing some political correctness. It is good for the company, It might give it a competitive advantage against  companies staffed exclusively by the dominant ethnic , religious or color  majority.

Think about it….


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes