Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I am going to a church across the street to celebrate. I am Jewish and I am not converting.

So, why?

I am thrilled and excited that tomorrow night millions of people around the world will celebrate, sing hymns, appreciate, glorify… another Jew.  Jesus was Jewish. Born Jewish. He was circumcised and probably had a bar mitzvah.

We Jews have been prosecuted, murdered and burned at the stake for two thousand years, so it pleases me that at least one evening a year we are appreciated for our contribution to humanity.

And there is a lot to appreciate. Jesus preached and brought a great religion to the world of love and tolerance. Very spiritual. That Jesus believed He was the son of God born out of immaculate conception does not bother me a bit. He is entitled to believe whatever He wishes.  And so can His followers. As long as I can have my own beliefs.

What is important are the values Jesus’ beliefs promote.  And since they promote love, that is what counts for me.

The fact that over the years His followers became “bureaucratic,” stuck to the dogma and forgot the spirit, forgot love and promoted hate, is not His fault. If He were on earth when it took place, Jesus would have denounced them just as He denounced the Jews who were de-sanctifying the temple during His own time.

On that note let me wish you all a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes