If you imagine on your way home that you will have a fight with your wife, when you arrive home and she opens the door, you are already so worked up arguing with her in your head, that it is very probable you will “bark“ at her as soon as she opens the door. And guess what. There will be a fight. You predicted it. You caused it.


I have been thinking that this illumination has repercussions for investing in the stock market . Do not study the trends. Do not try to predict the economy. You are opening the wrong door.


Read what the various gurus are predicting is going to happen to the market.

If there is a consensus that the market will go up you can bet it will . Why? Because if people believe the gurus that the market is going to go up, they will start buying stock and as they buy more and more, guess what? The stock market will go up.


A self-fulfilling prophecy.


And that is what is happening to the New York real estate market.

The newspapers, the media (which can be manipulated…), project an upswing in real estate prices. And what happens? People start raising the prices of what they ask for their properties and voila: the real estate prices go up.


What you project-if you believe in it enough-will actually happen. And if we as a society believe in it together, we make it happen too.


If we believe that global warming will happen, it is bound to occur. But if we are convinced we can stop it , our mass inclination will prevail.


What occurs in personal life follows what we individually believe is going to happen; while what occurs in communal life follows what we jointly believe as a community.


Why would I personally try to cut emissions of my car if I believe no one else will;  or not enough people will do so to make a difference?


This has repercussions for leaders and leadership.  Our leaders or heads of state need to project hope and trust, and in the process build a communal expectation that what is desired will actually happen.


Even if you do not believe it, as a leader you must project belief and expectation if you want change to occur.


Leadership is not designed to reinforce where we are coming from, but rather to project confidently where we should be heading.



Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes