Consulting and Speaking Engagement Options Available

Special Engagement/Custom Webinar

Dr. Adizes will deliver a one hour webinar on one of 13 preset topics (see list below). The topic will be customized to the audience’s particular needs and Dr. Adizes will devote time to answering their specific questions related to the topic.

Package includes:

    • One hour customized event for the sponsor organization
    • Dr. Adizes will answer the sponsor group’s specific questions (for a limited time period)
    • Sponsor’s group will receive a copy of the slide deck
    • Custom link for unlimited playback

Pricing: Starting at $10,000 USD    INQUIRE

Custom Online Consulting

Dr. Adizes will do online training for a pre-set period for an organization’s management team.

Package includes:

  • One day to multi-day online engagement based on the client’s needs
  • A presentation/conversation with Dr. Adizes to explore how Adizes can help the organization and learn more about the Methodology, or serve as a refresher for past clients
  • Interactive session question and answer session with Dr. Adizes
  • Virtual support via phone or online
  • Dr. Adizes has the option to give homework, review and provide feedback

Price per package: This would depend on the scope of the project outline, but would start at $25,000 USD    INQUIRE

Speaking Engagements

Keynote session at conferences (both internal and external events) around the world via online technology. Topics can be customized to respond to client’s needs.

Pricing: Starting at $10,000 USD  INQUIRE


Dr. Adizes will do coaching one-on-one or to small groups via an online session (1-2 hours). The topic will be determined in advance.

Pricing: $5,000 USD per hour session  INQUIRE

In Person Consulting

Dr. Adizes will speak in person at your event/seminar. Options differ based on location, audience size, level, and rank in the Adizes Methodology.

Pricing: Starting at $10,000 USD  INQUIRE

Some of Dr. Adizes’ most popular lecture topics include:

  • Preparing for Excellence: Understanding Organizational Structure and Accountability as Key Factors for Success
  • The CEO Navigational Guide for Unpredictable Change
  • Merging Clashing Cultures
  • The Entrepreneurial Organization
  • Is Your Company Structured for Success?
  • How to Rejuvenate an Aging Company
  • From Entrepreneurship to Professional Management
  • Corporate Lifecycles – How Organizations Grow and Die and What to Do About It
  • Accelerate the Growth and Development of Your Company
  • How to Build Your Management Team
  • How to Communicate with Different Managerial Styles
  • What Makes for Constructive Conflict
  • The Power of Opposites
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