The New Virtual World 

One wonders what is fueling cryptocurrency, which continues to go up and up in value. There are multiple explanations. Some of them are familiar, such as the fact that some people are losing trust in money issued by the government. The perception is that the central bank is printing more and more and more currency, which can lead to a tremendous inflation. So, some try to escape to a safe bay, such as real estate or cryptocurrency. They are more willing to trust a decentralized system than the powerful center of the Federal Reserve System. I‘ve come across another possible explanation.


My commentary on Kazakhstan and Ukraine - Russian situation got strong comments from the readers. It calls for a response. If a doctor explains to a patient why he got a heart attack does it mean the doctor supports heart attacks? In interpersonal or international relations, which are loaded with prejudices and strong positions,

Russia vs. Ukraine: An Analysis of the Tense Situation

I hear from many American friends that the whole reason why Russia is threatening Ukraine and making ultimatums is that Russia wants to expand and has aspirations to rebuild the Soviet Union. That is why it is in Kazakhstan and is now threatening Ukraine.I have a different analysis of the situation. Last week, I wrote a commentary about the situation in Kazakhstan. Now let us focus on Ukraine.On the Eastern side of Ukraine live two-million Russians who speak Russian. Who eat Russian food. Who sing Russian songs. The West wants to expand NATO to Ukraine, which includes these two-million Russians.

Why Structure First?

The professional literature and the consulting industry, by and large, promote the following sequence in treating problems: structure follows strategy. On the surface, it makes sense. How do you know what structure you need in order to fulfill a function unless you first know what that function is? The same sequence is practiced in architecture and in new product development. My experience as an organizational therapists for more than 50 years, as well as that of my associates at the Adizes Institute serving clients in more than 70 countries, this sequence makes sense if you’re starting totally from scratch. Then, in theory, without an already-established organizational structure, you decide where you want to go and organize it to get there.

What Is Happening in Kazakhstan? An Insider’s Analysis

When he was the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, I served as a consultant to Karim Massimov, the former head of national security for that country who is now in jail under charges of treason. I spent many, many days over a period of two years working with him.I spent time with former President Nazarbayev as well, who after a few consultations asked for further services, which I could not provide. I had to go on dialysis and eventually had a kidney transplant.

Knowing vs. Thinking

When listening to podcasts, I’ve noticed that sometimes the host or a guest will start their presentation with the phrase, “Research shows that . . .” Why start with these words? It seems as if the reporting of research findings allows the reporter to avoid the risk of being criticized. Supposedly the research presents an absolute truth that nobody can challenge. Are they afraid to think..?

New Years Eve2022

 How did the new year sneak on us so fast. I just remember celebrating 2021 “ yesterday”. Time is flying faster as we get older. And the pandemic is not helping. Where is life going ? Like water passing between my fingers….. just moving on…..

When to Give, When to Take

I’ve noticed that when an organization is young—not necessarily by chronological age, but behaviorally—the people in that organization are prone to give. They work hard to build the organization, to achieve a mission. So, they're all "giving." Giving energy.

Darwin Rethought

Darwin’s theory of evolution claims that the fittest will survive. What is meant by the “fittest”? Life is full of problems. We face them in our personal and professional lives. Problems never end because what generates them is continuous and constant: change. If we analyze our problems, they reveal our weaknesses.

The New Tower of Babel

The Bible tells us that when the people built the city of Babel, God confused their language and they could not communicate very well with each other. Why would a confusion of language happen at that point in time? When they decided to build the city, humans were moving from being a nomadic society to a settled society. It was a major change. Why would the language get confused? Because language reflects experiences, and agricultural society uses analogies from agriculture that are different from those of a nomadic society. Our nomadic ancestors learned a lot from trees, starting with how to adapt to changing seasons. Once we settled into developed communities, we derived our analogies from streets, buildings, infrastructure and objects. Today our language is driven by images from technology. We say things like “I am fading,” “tone it down” and “my system is overstressed.”