Do not Impeach Trump for the Second Time

I am against impeaching Trump the second time although I believe he is guilty. He incited the Mob to attack the Capitol. He invited them to stop the transfer of power. To protect democracy from the thieves who stole the election although there is no proof that this claim is on solid ground.

Why We Gain Weight During Corona? 

I noticed when do I get hungry? Either when I am stressed, anxious or very tired. What is the common denominator? Loss of energy and one way to get energy is to believe that more calories means more energy and that drives us to eat.

Our Economic Model Needs Changing

Some of my best friends supported (and still support) former president Donald Trump. They’re smart, capable business people. I’ve asked them why. They tell me that, true, Trump’s style was inappropriate, but his achievements over four years were incredible. I ask: What were those achievements?

PAEI Capital By Rufat Jahangirov Certified Adizes Associate Azerbaijan visiting author

Capital is anything one can use to generate income. In the past, it was easy to attach monetary value to most forms of capital. This is no longer the case as other ambiguous forms of capital started to play significantly larger role in organization’s capability to compete. And they are more unique to the organization and less interchangeable.

One More Time: Why Not Trump?

On September 23rd, 2016 I described the danger we face if Trump is elected and predicted a constitutional crisis if he does. Please read. ... I think Trump is (more) dangerous, and in what follows I will explain why. According to my (PAEI) classification of leadership styles(1) he is an enormous (E)...

Why I Meditate

Physics tells us that when the Big Bang happened, time and space started, which means that what existed before the Big Bang had no time or space limits. It was infinite.

Quo Vadis President Biden?

A large group of people entered forcefully into the House of Congress. Five people are dead. The left accuses the insurrectionists of being domestic terrorists, a threat to democracy, trying to stop the electoral process and destroy the institutions and the political system that made America the most successful and admired country in the world

Acceptance Speech:  Accepting the Twenty-First Honorary Doctorate from the  Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland

Your honor, Chancellor of Caledonian University, members of the Board of Trustees, Deans, faculty, alumni, students, ladies, and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I accept this award of Doctor honoris causa, especially from this university, and I would like to tell you why.

How to Have Successful Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPS)?

Implementing participative management in companies where workers or their representatives do not reap the benefits of their participation does not work well...

Analyzing Extremes

When you find nothing, the reason why you find everything is because when you are in nothing, you're totally free to pick up anything. You have no limiting attachments. You're not obliged to anything...