The Benefits of Not Expecting

It is normal to expect; it is normal to want; it is normal to desire. We are human beings with needs, and they're expressed in desiring, wanting, and expecting. The person experiencing the expectation however believes they are in control — that what they wish for should happen. Since we are never fully in control of everything, there is a probability that what we expect will not be realized. It can lead to disappointment. To feel defeated.

The Future Is the Heart

In order to predict the future of management, we need to predict the future. Then, in order to predict the future we must understand the past, whether it projects itself into the future or is there some discontinuity or major disruption from the past into the future.

Entrepreneurs' Excessive Needs for Energy

In the TV mini-series “The Playlist,” which is inspired by the book “Spotify Untold,” there is an episode on the process of creation. In this episode, there was a comment made saying that 10% of entrepreneurs have a mental condition. These conditions could range from the spectrum of attention deficit or hyperactivity syndrome. It is of note that the comments also said that in entrepreneurs creating their tech start-up companies, the percentage goes from 10% to 30%.

Managing with Laughter

Back in the early days of my career as an organizational therapist (at that time, I was a consultant), I considered laughter to be frivolous. I thought that employees and executives who wasted time on laughter were not serious about their work or companies—that they were lightweights to be avoided or ignored.

What Makes for a Democracy?

Can there be a peaceful, civilized negotiation to stop the growing divide?

Where and What Is God? [Continuation]

I have written multiple times about this subject. With time, and a lot of thinking and discussion, it has become increasingly crystallized in my mind, so I decided to write an update. I look forward to your comments.

Sex Versus Love

To me, love is total and absolute integration. Love has no space or time limits.

The Age Of Mistrust

Peter Drucker named his generation “the age of discontinuity.” I would like to call the present times “the age of mistrust.” We are living in a new jungle. In the old jungle, we knew who was the snake and who was the wolf. In the new jungle, no idea. Many are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many snakes that tempt you with forbidden fruit have incredible titles and certificates.

Jewish Pride Is Missing

We need to build Jewish pride museums. We must present to the world the contributions Jewish people have made throughout history in art, literature, medicine, science, and the social sciences.