What Is The Right Organizational Structure?

Today, there is a fad: The structure is not important! We need network organizations...communications! Not true because you have to know who is accountable—what you expect and from whom. Otherwise, things are happening in a way that is unpredictable, and the unpredictable result could be something you don't like.

What Is The Difference Between Delegation and Decentralization?

What is the difference between delegation and decentralization? Unless we know the difference, we can make some major mistakes in how we lead companies.

Principles of Delegation

We all know that you cannot do everything. Nobody can do everything. A good manager should know how to delegate.

Problems Are A Manifestation Of Change

All problems are caused by something falling apart. Companies that grow very, very fast, they also fall apart very fast. Eventually something will happen, and they will collapse.

Cutting the National Deficit

The country is in turmoil: the national debt of the United States is, to put it in simple words, HUGE, or huge enough to worry even politicians. National leaders are saying things like: “I am not worried about my grandchildren or my children anymore. I am worried about us, now...

Making a Matrix Organization Work

Matrix organizations are usually prescribed and implemented in organizations where double responsibilities are expected on the same subject.For example, although product managers are responsible for product profitability, they must rely on functions within the organization tha...

The Muslim Threat?

The Western world has developed a serious case of Islamophobia. The reasons are obvious: Terrorist attacks by radical Muslims have become a regular occurrence; added to that, Western Europe is starting to grasp the possibility that, because of immigration and the high birth ra...

What is Love All About, Anyway?

I always thought that love is the opposite of hate. Like white is the opposite of black. Here at the Sahaj Marg Ashram in the Himalayas, I am taught differently.Chariji, the Master, told me that love is absolute. It is not the opposite of anything, like God is absolute."What a...