The speech Yair Lapid, Alternate Prime Minister of Israel, gave at the government's swearing-in ceremony.  Worth reading

Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Knesset, Prime Minister Designate, outgoing Prime Minister, President of the Supreme Court, honored guests.In the Book of Judges, the phrase “the land was peaceful for 40 years” appears three times. I don’t know what will happen in 40 years, but let us all hope that in the future, we will be able to say of the government we are forming today: “the land was peaceful for four years.” Because that is what we need. Israel is hurting. It is time for peace in this land.

The Theory of Everything

What happened when the Big Bang occurred? Time and space started. What was there before the Big Bang? There must have been something that was not time and space bound because both started with the Big Bang. What is it? It cannot be nothing. Nothing cannot create everything. I think it was energy because energy is neither bounded by time nor by space.Energy can be destructive or constructive.

On Consciousness

The universe is one gigantic web of subsystems , which are interrelated. They're integrated in multiple ways and each is a subsystem of something bigger than itself. For instance, a human being is composed of the blood subsystem, the nervous subsystem, the muscle subsystem, etcetera. At the same time a human being is a subsystem of a family, which is a subsystem of community, and the community a subsystem of a nation. A nation is a subsystem of humanity, which is a subsystem of the planet , sharing it with other subsystems, the flora, fauna and the air and water subsystems.

Live as if Already Dead

I heard an expression: "Live as if you're already dead." It intrigued me. What does it mean to "live as if you're already dead"?What happens when you're dead? Nothing matters anymore. Nothing perturbs you. When you are dead, you're in eternity and there is no way to come back and fix the problems that you created when you were alive.

On Organized Religion

Although religions are different, they all serve, pray, to the same God, and that God is love; We all search and pray for love. The difference in religions is HOW we search love and search for God.

On Organizational Therapy

What causes problems, why they become chronic, and why companies need external help. With the Big Bang, the universe became one huge web of systems composed of subsystems, which in themselves are composed of their own subsystems. With the Big Bang time and space started and as time advances, change occurs but the subsystems do not change at the same speed. The change is not synchronous. Some subsystems change faster than others.

How to Fail - A Prescription

I have discovered how to accomplish failure... in marriage, in business, in our personal life... in practically anything we do. Just take things for granted.Take your spouse for granted. Take your children for granted. Take your work, your success, your health, your love, anything, take it all for granted. Then wait. Failure will follow.

The Advantages of Being Balanced

Nebojsa Caric, a former associate from Serbia, conducted PAEI personality testing with a group of Mensa members. These are people that, because of their intelligence level, are considered to be geniuses. He also ran the same PAEI testing with another group whose intelligence was known to be below genius level, and compared the results.