Importance of Organizational Health

Many methodologies exist on how to manage change. The consulting industry, the coaching industry, and the organization and development industry, but many of them, some of them at least, are causing more disintegration rather than integration and that's wrong. We will see very soon why. And that’s why there is resistance to change

"Stealing" an Emotional Asset

Founders of companies, either sell 100% of your company to your offspring or put it in your will so it is passed to your son or daughter upon your death, but not before. Do not try to give management of the company to your son or daughter and you still hang around trying to control the company. This can turn into a stressful relationship.

On Being Present

We often hear people speaking about the importance of being present, being in the now, and not letting your mind drift forward into the future or back through the past. Being present means being aware of where you are right now and living in that moment.

Following God

All religions, I think, teach that we are the children of God. So now, imagine if we actually conducted ourselves like God and viewed every other human being as our own child. We would not hurt our children no matter what, right?

Succession Planning in the Old Testament

Moses—the visionary leader who led the Hebrew tribes from slavery to freedom, from Egypt to the promised land of Canaan—was not allowed to lead the tribes across the Jordan River to the promised land to which he led for forty years. Feels like unfair treatment of a loyal servant of God, doesn’t it?

On Political Oppression

I learned about political oppression in my classes in political science. That is the way democracy is suffocated: No freedom of speech and whoever speaks against the approved line of thought, dictated by the oppressing government, might end up in jail; You have to follow the official narrative.Democracy is supposed to be different. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Freedom to dissent. But it appears to me this freedom is getting increasingly under attack. Not formally. No laws. No education on what is right and what is wrong. No official censors. 

On Effectiveness and Efficiency

I want to share with you an insight about two management concepts: effectiveness and efficiency. People interpret these concepts differently. Some languages do not even have a clear distinction between these words.