Integration For Long-Term Efficiency

About long-term efficiency. So far we have covered that in order to be a company, a system, a country, a family, and sustainably successful in the long run, it needs to be healthy. And in order to be healthy, it needs to be effective and efficient in the short and in the long run. Get the job done for which the organization exists. And you as a person exist for some purpose as well and when you know your purpose you are effective and you are much happier.

On (A) and (E)

That role of efficiency, the (A) role, is called administration. A person, country, or company is efficient because you systematize to see to it that the right things, at the right time, in the right sequence, at the right intensity are happening. You don’t reinvent the wheel each time you need to wheel something around.

Who Are The Clients

In order to be healthy, you have to be effective. In order to be effective, the system works, the system produces what it needs to produce. But in order to be effective, you have to identify the clients whom you are serving. Who are the clients? Clients are not those who necessarily consume it. These are customers. Clients are those who decide to buy it. Who decides, that is your client.

What Makes An Organization Healthy

Now, what makes an organization healthy? What is a healthy organization? What is a healthy system? It has to be effective and efficient, in the short and the long run. Like a human body, every part of the body has to be effective. The kidney has to do its job, the blood has to do its job, the brain has to do its job, the heart has to do its job, and the lung has to do its job. It’s the same thing for a company. 

Importance of Organizational Health

Many methodologies exist on how to manage change. The consulting industry, the coaching industry, and the organization and development industry, but many of them, some of them at least, are causing more disintegration rather than integration and that's wrong. We will see very soon why. And that’s why there is resistance to change

"Stealing" an Emotional Asset

Founders of companies, either sell 100% of your company to your offspring or put it in your will so it is passed to your son or daughter upon your death, but not before. Do not try to give management of the company to your son or daughter and you still hang around trying to control the company. This can turn into a stressful relationship.