There is a saying that the most beautiful girls in the Soviet Union were in Ukraine and the most beautiful ones in Ukraine are in Odessa.

Now assume that is true.

Why Odessa?

And why has Israel very beautiful people? And Belgrade as well?

Sweden has beautiful people too, but…and here is the insight.

In Sweden they all look the same. Not true for Odessa. Or Belgrade. Or Israel. Exotic looking. Each one different and more beautiful than the other.

What is the difference and what is the common denominator?


Odessa is located geographically in a place where multiple cultures  and ethnic groups passed through or settled. As a result there was considerable inter-marriage and, guess what, exotic, beautiful people emerged.

Same for Belgrade, which is where Turkish influence (five hundred years of occupation) and European culture met.

And Israel is another petri dish of diversity, where the Jews from seventy countries migrated. You have black immigrants from Ethiopia intermarrying with immigrants from Europe.

Diversity creates beauty.

Sameness is boring.

Think of a jungle and compare it to a desert.

What is more alive? Beautiful? Exciting?

Now imagine a jungle penetrated by a foreign aggressive weed that destroys all indigenous flora.  Eventually diversity is destroyed and a lifeless environment dominates the scene.

Is radical Islam the foreign weed that is threatening our diversity?

And this dangerous weed analogy does not apply only to radical Islam. It applies to any radical movement that objects to diversity.

Without diversity there is no ecology. And without functioning ecology there is no life.

Aggressive weeds need to be pulled out so that diversified flora can flourish.

We do this when we garden. Does it apply to managing our country?


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes