Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson (, a doctoral candidate from Iceland at the Adizes Graduate School for the Study of Change and Leadership pointed out to me to an interesting finding.  Here it is in his own words, which I edited.

“During the writing of my dissertation I came to study the Norse mythology in relation to the concept of collective intelligence (wisdom) and especially the concept of FATE.

Fate was linked to the way the Vikings felt accountable for their actions.  In the mythology there were three witches of fate:  Urdur (past), Verdandi (present) and Skuld (Future).  

Verdandi (present) was always accompanied by either Urdur (past) or Skuld (future), which represents the view that what you did in the present was a result of something you did in the past, which you carried with you into the future.  (The meaning of the name of the future witch, SKULD means debt, representing the debt you carried into the future depending on your actions in the present.)

For the Vikings time was an endless continuum where the being in the present was more of a space or dimension rather than a sort of isolated time slot; you were living in a space of time which was all encompassing past/present/future.”

Makes you think.  Interesting. I have been saying the same in my lectures without realizing the Vikings said it thousand years ago:  the present is either the continuation of your past or the beginning of your future. It in itself does not exist. It is a fraction of a second: continuation of the past, or in a fraction of a second a beginning of the future.

Moreover. Do you realize that in the present you are thinking and debating with   “the voice in your” head something that happened in the past? You are de-facto re-living your past in the present.

And minutes or even seconds later you might switch to elaborate in your thoughts your future; you live your future in your present.

Imagine having an argument in your head with someone you are going to see.  When you arrive, you start arguing with that person in a manner you could say is the continuation of the argument you had with that person in your head in the past.

And often psychologist tells you; your present fight with your spouse is not really with your spouse. She represents some unresolved “fight” you had, say, with a parent in the past, which you are now reenacting in the present.

Have you ever experienced something that left you wonder: did I not have this experience before?

Past and future seem to be all mixed into our present. The time dimension is a space, which encompasses present past and future.

The eastern philosophies, picked up by new age gurus, tell us to live in the present, which means divorce our mind of “discussing” the past or “living in the future”.

According to this philosophy it is the only way for the present to emerge otherwise you really do not know what is it that is happening right now.

But that leaves me wondering. Could you “divorce” the present from the past? Could your present not be the beginning of the future?

You can freeze the past and the future and live only in the present, as the new age gurus tell us to do, but then present becomes a continuous of the past and of the future; there is no past and no future. The future through the present becomes the past: As time passes in the present time, in a mini second it becomes the past and also in a mini second, the future gets realized and becomes the present.

What are the repercussions for us today?

Some people when you ask them what is going on NOW, will tell you:” we are doing so and so. “But listen carefully and you will realize they are describing what they have BEEN doing so far, i.e. in the past.

Other people ask them the same question and they will describe what they are starting to do different for the future.

For those of the (A) style, my observation is that, they view present as continuation of the past and the (E) s see it as the beginning of the future. That explains to me why they do not necessarily agree or even like each other.

It reflects also on the political orientation of liberals (the present is the beginning of the future), versus conservatives (the present is the continuation of the past).

The understanding that past and future are all “molded” into our present should make us less judgmental of ourselves. What is happening in the present was not born in the present. It is the result of actions taken in the past, may be even past lives.  Much of what we do today is driven by our past and thus not strange we do not always understand our actions in the present.

And we should take responsibility for what we do in the present because the repercussions will face us in the future.

In my training with Zdenko Domancic in bioenergetic healing we learned how to manage the energies of other people from distance. (I observed how those trained could bend a person miles away by just closing their eyes and seeing the image of the person they were bending.)

Zdenko said, if distance, i.e. space does not exist, time does not exist.

Think about it. Crazy, huh?


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes