I noticed an interesting phenomena with older, rich people. Especially those who made their fortune with their own hands.

They develop a certain suspicion: are they really loved independently of their wealth or are they loved because of their wealth?

Do people seek their company because they want a donation to a cause ?

Are the relatives, even their own children, nice to them because they want to be remembered well in the will or are they genuinely loving?

Rich people can be suspicious.

Some of them even hide their wealth for fear that it will lead to a wrong friendship. Or they stick to friends that are as rich as they are so they do not have to suspect them.

How many of us would like to be wealthy but are not aware that wealth carries with it a price? That it impacts the nature of relationships?

We all want to be loved. I think it is the most basic need of any organic system. Even plants flourish more and better when shown love, when spoken to with gentleness. Pets for sure react to love. So do people.

And when we doubt whether love is genuine we are in pain. Are we not?

So, being rich is not such a blessing. One is blessed with materialistic benefits but is saddled with suspicions about love, which is the most valuable asset there is; One wonders if the love shown is true love or a love based on interests….

This explains to me why poor families are stronger families. Show much more love and respect for each other than rich families.

And I wonder who is “richer?’’ The one with the money or the one with love?

Interesting that everything comes in pairs.

No benefits without costs. And apparently all costs have their benefits.  We just need to recognize them.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes