I am watching the games, and I noticed the advertising of the games.


The first ad says: Celebrate Diversity.


The ad that follows says: RESPECT.


Wait a minute.


I do not know if my lifetime work has anything to do with it, or if they came to the same conclusions independently, but notice what it says: CELEBRATE Diversity.


I have been writing in my books and in my blog for years now that we should not simply tolerate diversity; we should celebrate it, because we benefit from it.


There are many programs on TOLERANCE: there are museums of tolerance; school programs on tolerance. However, this is misguided thinking, because tolerance is to suffer quietly. Tolerance implies surrendering. It does not give you energy like celebrating does.


To CELEBRATE is different. Celebration means to welcome something, not merely let it be.


Why celebrate?


Because there is no progress without diversity. There is no innovation without welcoming and encouraging diversity. Compare the desert, where there is no diversity, to the jungle…


But diversity can be dangerous. It can create dysfunctional conflicts. How can we make it constructive using Adizes principles?


By teaching mutual RESPECT. This is what the second ad says.


Whoa! I am moved. I am happy. I do not care if I had something to do with it. I do care that someone at the European cup is thinking right.


Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes