An Adizes Associate from Latvia, Greg Mathers, raised an interesting question: is there love in nature?

It’s complicated, but let me try to answer it.

If we interpret the word love in terms of kissing someone passionately, holding hands, looking at each other with enchanted eyes and running a rapid heartbeat, the answer is no. There is no love in nature. It is a world defined by survival of the fittest. It is not too much to say that it is a cruel world out there. Eat or be eaten.

But if we interpret love differently, something interesting emerges.

What is love?

For me it is total absolute integration.

What is integration?

For me it is a relationship bound together by mutual trust and respect.

There is no love without mutual trust and respect.

What is respect?

Again a specific perspective. I define respect as an attitude of open mindedness and thus the willingness to learn.

When there is learning there is synergy. And when there is synergy there is growth.

What is trust? To have faith that there is a commonality of interests.

A symbiotic relationship, a mutually beneficial relationship, provides for common interests.

So what is love?

A synergetic, symbiotic relationship.

And nature is a symbiotic and synergistic interdependency.

Think about it.

There is interdependency in everything that happens in nature.

Among animals and among vegetation. Everything in nature is interrelated and interdependent.  And the interdependency is both synergistic and symbiotic.

As a formula it looks as follows:

Nature > symbiotic synergistic interdependency> mutual trust and respect>integration>love.

Thus nature is love.

And what is absolute love? God.

Thus looking at nature we see the manifestation of God in everything we see.


Just thinking.

Ichak Kalderon Adizes