The western world is in mourning. And in shock. What a trauma. Hundreds of victims; innocent civilians, tourists, children, murdered. And those who murdered them did it by an act of suicide. They perished too.

How sad. How terrible.

In France it happens once a year.  The last terrorist attack was in January, a bit less than a year ago.

How would you like it if a terror attack happened in your country not once a year, not once a month, not once a week, but DAILY.

On a daily basis, someone get butchered with a knife. People are mowed down in a bus station innocently waiting for transportation; an accelerating car intentionally rams into them killing seven young high school kids on the way home from school.

How would you like to live in a country where you are worried sick to send your husband to work because he might not come back? Or send your kids to school and when kissing them goodbye, deep inside there is a fear – is it for the last time...

How would you like that?

Such a country does exist.

It is Israel.

Please let us not get into a discussion here of WHY this is happening. That the Palestinians have a case. Probably the suicide bombers of Paris, would tell you they had a case too; thousands are dying in the country they love because the western powers are bombing them. Let us not get into a debate who did what to whom and who started it all. Let us focus on the terrible reality that innocent lives are being lost and there is no end in sight.

The reactions in Israel vary:

Some people continue their life and try not to get carried away with fear.

Some are leaving the country.

Some are increasing the vigilance, serving as guards at school gates, and at the doors of movie theaters.

Some become vigilantes, revenge prone.

What would you do? Leave the country? Seek revenge?

Or maybe you try to understand the actions of the Palestinians, and now that you understand the terrorists, defend them and criticize Israel: Israel has brought it on itself with the occupation and thus deserves it.

Are you the critic?

Why criticize Israel and not France?

Maybe you look at Jewish people differently than at other people? Do you? Is there a double standard?

I cry for the innocent lives lost in France. And for the innocent lives lost in Israel. And Iraq.  And Syria. And India. And for the desperate Palestinians.

A life is a life regardless of creed, color of the skin, language spoken or religion followed.

We all need to learn that problems are not solved with violence. We teach our kids that, no?  It is time we all, and not only the Muslims, stop using power to enforce our will.

Just thinking.

Ichak Kalderon Adizes