This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on March 21, 2017.

We all know there are five senses: to smell, to taste, to touch, to hear and to see.

I had an experience years ago that made me wonder if there is a sixth sense.

In my journey to open my heart, I went to a shaman. He said that my problem was fear of death and if I wanted to open my heart, I had to remove that fear.

“How”, I asked him.

“By experiencing it” he said.

To experience death without dying, that would be quite an experience, but I was willing; That is how desperate I was to open my heart.

We went to my yacht. He injected me with some drug that is given in mental hospitals for people who are out of control. It totally paralyzed me. I could not see, hear, touch, smell nor taste but… I could feel.
I felt how the shaman and his assistant were feeling about me.

Come to think of it maybe there is a sixth sense: to feel.

Have you had the experience of walking into a room and without anyone telling you what has transpired there, you feel the tension? You do not smell, hear, see, touch nor taste the tension, you feel it. Oh, not so, you might say. You see the tension in people’s faces.

I tried years ago experimenting and asked a person to leave the room and blindfolded him or her. We would quarrel on some political issue. He could not hear, nor see, nor use any of the senses. After some time of having our debate, the person outside was asked to come in and tell us what happened in the room. He could not tell the content of the discussion but he could tell us that we had a heated disagreement.

We repeated the experiment. This time the subject was some loving subject we were all sensitive about. The blind folded person again, could tell how we felt without having any visual or auditory clues.

How well you feel depends on how sensitive you are. The more loving you are, the more you will feel.

A loving mother feels something is wrong or something happened at school when her child comes home. He does not have to say a word. Oh, maybe she sees it in his face or body language.

Not so. I have heard and experienced myself a case where something is happening to my loved ones when they were thousands of miles away.
I knew it. I felt it. No one told me anything.

Have you heard of this experience of a spouse that was having an affair, and there would be a phone call? Who is on the other line? The betrayed spouse. How did she or he know to call at exactly that time? They felt it. They knew something was not right.

Smell, touch, taste, hear, and sight are senses processed by the brain. Feeling is processed by the heart. And the more you open your heart the more you will feel. It might be painful to feel so much but you will be more in touch with life.

Just thinking,
Ichak Kalderon Adizes