The Mexico / Sweden game…

It was a critical game. If Mexico loses and Germany beats South Korea (I can’t imagine it not happening that way) Mexico is out.

Size matters… or maybe not.

The Swedish Vikings are almost fifty percent taller than the Mexican team.

More powerful.

And they play better.


When Sweden won 3:0 the Mexican players were crying. I joined them in this. How did I develop this deep deep love for Mexico? I do not know, but I do love this country.

I imagine if the game was USA / Mexico or Israel / Mexico or Serbia / Mexico. I still feel I would route for Mexico. The people here are warm. They show love in the way they talk, the way they sell their goods and in everything they do.

This loving behavior is contagious. This tells us how important the “I” role is in a culture.


If Mexico could only clean up the corruption in their government, their economic disparity would be much lower, the crime rate would be reduced as a consequence. This country could be one of the best places in the world to settle.

While the Mexicans make a lot of jokes about the Jewish addiction to making money, I have not detected any animosity towards members of my tribe.

Mexico never had a pogrom against its Jews.


Listen to them sing their most famous song, Cielito LindoAy, ay, ay, ay, Canta y no llores, (Ay, ay, ay, Sing and do not cry).

And they do love to sing here in Mexico.

It is a country of lovers.


It was an enormous surprise when Germany lost to South Korea and the world champion was pushed out of the games.

So size does not matter in soccer the way it does in basketball. The Germans towered over the Koreans and still, they lost.

South Korea saved Mexico who now moves to the next round. Here, in Mexico City, the people on the street were planning to march to the South Korean embassy in a display of gratitude.


Now Mexico must play Brazil. I won’t even try to predict the score or the outcome. The whole world of soccer is turning on its head. Italy, another world champion did not even qualify for the cup. And Germany is out.

Argentina almost got pushed out and now Brazil… they had a hell of a time beating Costa Rica (a relatively unknown country for its soccer prowess).

Will Mexico beat Brazil?

I pray they do.

We shall see.


Just thinking

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