This blog post was featured in the Huffington Post on November 16, 2017.

I am getting a lot of flak when the subject I write about is women or politics. It does not stop me from writing because I want to be true to my byline: NO FEAR AND NO PRETENTIONS.  But I admit it is bothering me.  I believe my approach to analyze issues, which I express in my blogs, is not being understood.

I am not trying to impress. There is no promotion waiting for me if I say the right things and avoid the politically incorrect ones. I also have no fear that I will be denied income if I say something my clients may oppose to.

I want to be, and insist upon being, free to say what I believe in. If I am proven wrong I am open to learn and change my mind.

Where is the confusion with some of my readers? Take for example the last blog on Russia-U.S. relations. The essence of the blog was criticism of American foreign policy; The reasons given to support the claim that Russia is an enemy, in my opinion, are questionable. Putin’s actions were made, In my opinion, to preserve his seat, rather than were hostile actions towards the West. Some of my readers considered this conjecture as an argument in support of Putin.

Describing and analyzing an action and drawing conclusions from them does not mean condoning or supporting those conclusions.

I present what I believe is going on. And i do not claim it to be THE TRUTH. If you believe differently teach me where and why I am wrong. I am open to learn.  I respect your right to think freely and you should respect my right to say what I think. Then, we teach each other. With no emotions. No judgment. No accusations. And seek the truth jointly.

Just thinking,

Ichak Kalderon Adizes