I am on a vegan SOS diet. This is more than just vegetarian. Vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs. Not vegans. But SOS vegans are even more stringent. They do not eat salt, oil, or sugar.

Now how do you survive on no meat, no fowl, no fish, no eggs, no cheese, no salt, no oil, no sugar?

You cook and eat at home. That is how. Forget going out. Forget restaurants. There is no dish there that has no oil or salt.  And I tried them in fifty-two countries.

While at home, I could follow the diet religiously, but now I am traveling and that means eating out in restaurants.

Ordering ahead of time is not a solution, because I do not go to eat alone and who knows where my party will take me.


I am on this diet for medical reasons.

What now?

I have to cook in my hotel and eat in my room. That is all.


Easier said than done especially since I hate to cook. The most I know how to do is heat water. I have never cooked in my life.

Here I am in Moscow in a four or five-star hotel in a suite (quite, quite expensive), bought myself a multi cooker, some vegetables, spinach spaghetti, quinoa, brown rice, and I am ready to cook.

First day is a disaster.

My wife told me to just put the spaghetti in the cooker, put in some water, push the button and go to work. “When you come back it will be ready,” she said.   (But, she did not tell me how much water to put in…)

The package says to put 4.5 liters of water with the contents of the spinach spaghetti (gluten-free,  aha!)

I did.

Oh, my God!!!  When I came back from work the machine was overflowing with gooey spaghetti all over the carpet. Good the machine did not explode.

It took me an hour to clean the place so I do not get kicked out of the four star hotel.

Why did I not let the hotel cook it for me? Because I am cheap.

The prices in a Moscow hotel are OUTRAGEOUS. A cup of tea in the lobby is 20 dollars. I will have to take a loan from the bank to pay for their custom cooking…

I should give up cooking. Right? Not for me. Right?


I fell in love with cooking now.

What I hated all my long life I discovered is quite pleasurable. To experiment. To taste and try again and to learn how to use this multi cooker.

And it is really a pleasure to eat what you cooked and not what someone else cooked for you . It is a wonderful new feeling of being in control and being self-sufficient.  Being independent. And creative.

What is the insight?

What you hate might be what you love and you do not know it till you try it.

What we hate might be how we perceive what it is, and not what it really is. It is all in our head. We confuse perception with reality as if what we perceive is the reality

What anything really is, is found only by experiencing it .


Hate and love are in our head. Should not be. We should let experience drive what we love and hate, and through experience, make the choice.

(Let the IS run the show. Not the SHOULD nor the WANT. Or said differently, let the IS drive the WANT and together they should drive the SHOULD.) (For those who do not know what I am saying here, read any of my books on perceptions of reality).

Anyway, an interesting insight for me.

Now I am asking myself what else I hate. Let me do it and do it enough times till I really can say if I hate it. Like exercising. I follow Bob Hutchins dictum religiously: “Any time I feel the urge to exercise, I lie down till the urge passes.”

No more. Ready? Let see if I really hate it.

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes