Articles about Prof. Adizes

The Management Guru

Chairpersons and presidents of multinational corporations often turn to management expert lchak Adizes and say, "The conflict in our company is horrendous. It's killing us. You've got to help us get rid of it." Adizes tells them all the same thing: "Never resolve conflict. Harness it. Channel it. But never resolve it. The only time you resolve conflict is when you're dead."

Corporate Performance

Spearheading BankAmerica's effort to after it's culture, management consultant Ichak Adizes has spent two years trying to move decision-making down to the company's lower ranks.

Bank of America Interview

Adizes worked years with the top-level management at the Bank of America. According to Richard Morrison, Senior Vice President in the North American Division of the bank, what is taking place at the bank as a result of this association, is "something revolutionary" ...