Ichak Adizes, Ph.D., pioneered the field of Symbergetic™ Organizational Transformation (Organizational Therapy).

Leadership Excellence Magazine named him one of the “Top Thirty Thought Leaders.” Provoke Media (previously the Holmes Report) named him one of the “Best Communicators Among World Leaders,” alongside Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama.

Dr. Adizes has advised Fortune 100 companies and start-ups in over 50 countries and country leaders in 8 countries.

Dr. Adizes is the Founder and CEO of the Adizes® Institute, an international change management company headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, which along with Certified Adizes Organizational Symbergists™, applies the Adizes Symbergetic Methodology in companies, governments, and not-for-profits institutions to lead the implementation of rapid change, without destructive conflict to achieve exceptional results.

Dr. Adizes lectures in four different languages. He was awarded his initial Ph.D. from Columbia University, holds 21 honorary doctorates from universities in 11 countries, and in 2019 received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Academy of Management for his contribution to change management. He is a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and was made an honorary citizen of two countries for his contribution to society.

Dr. Adizes is an internationally acclaimed, best-selling author. He has published 28 books which have been translated into 36 languages.

As a Holocaust survivor, he has overcome adversities and obstacles to rise and achieve success. His personal story of tragedy and triumph is shared in his autobiography, The Accordion Player.


Dr. Adizes' writings have contributed to a paradigm shift in what leadership is and how to apply it to change management. Below is a sample of his many publications, which have inspired, enlightened, and activated readers and viewers worldwide.


Dr. Adizes is an international best-selling author of 28 books translated into 36 languages. Through his writings, he provides access to the Adizes Symbergetic Methodology, considered one of the most innovative frameworks for leadership of the 21st century.

Dr. Adizes is a recognized author on Library Journal’s “Top Ten Business Books.”


In his blogs, Dr. Adizes shares insights on Management and Personal Growth as well as commentaries on Current Affairs. He posts a new blog weekly to stay connected with his community and followers.

Adizes Institute Worldwide

Adizes International Convention 2012, Russia.

The Adizes Institute Worldwide, established in 1972 and headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with offices and representatives worldwide, can help organizations worldwide create a healthy culture for exceptional and sustainable results while avoiding destructive conflict.

Adizes has been an invaluable resource and insightful advisor in my efforts to restore entrepreneurial vitality to mature business organizations throughout the world."

Steven Miller

Former Chairman President and CEO,
Shell Oil Company, USA

Costas Petropoulos

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Petros Petropoulos

Without Adizes, none of this would have been possible. Personally, I learned from Adizes more than what I learned at the Harvard Business School, and I owe whatever success I've had in business to Adizes.

George Landgrebe

Former President and CEO

American Banker / Bond Buyer

Ichak has simplified management theory. His message is clear and concise...Like reading Peter Drucker, the more time you invest in Mas­tering Change the higher your return on investment.

Monroe Price

Former Dean

School of Law, Yeshiva University

Ichak Adizes is one of the few management consultants who has converted a whole array of theory-based concepts into unusually practical guidelines for managers. And even more impressive, he has integrated these guidelines into a comprehensive system of management.

Henry Fitzhugh Camp


Shippers Solutions

I have been a fan of yours ever since I read Corporate Lifecycles, after hearing a TEC (now Vistage) presentation 20 years ago by Peter Shutz, who credited you for his success at Porsche in the ‘80s.
I wish more people were aware of your work, despite your fame and achievements. I’d be surprised if you remember but we met once at a Marcus Evans CFO Summit event in NE Florida, maybe 15 years ago now.

From our conversation there, I expect it was your first and last such marketing effort, as it was for us. My company that presented there was IDEA, which your work helped us pull into Prime and sell last summer to a multi-billion dollar Sri Lankan company. I still have three companies left, so plenty left to do.

Ambassador Kenneth L. Adelman

Former Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament

Agency and former U.S. Representative to the United Nations

The U.S. foreign policy world—as well as the international community as a whole—would benefit greatly from a deeper understanding of Ichak Adizes’ insights and theories.

Dan Maydan

Former President

Applied Materials (CA)

Adizes' contribution was essential to our organization and enabled us to establish the proper structure for growth which lasted over 20 years.

Paulo Villares

Former President and CEO

Villares Industries

The experience has been extremely good. People attending the different Phases...are all convinced that the methodology is a good one, and that the amount of time spent in the sessions is worthwhile ...

The people seem to be more confident in the future of the company. Everything seems to be happening together. As we are going through these exercises, we are building up internal confidence and internal trust.

The people are calmer and know that we are better prepared for the future.

Loren Rotschild

Former President

American Protection Industries, Inc.

Dr. Adizes' methodology not only provides an extraordinarily effective means to build a functionally effective organizational structure, his approach allows functional changes to occur in a morale-building environment.

Fernando Hilsenbeck

Vice President

Villares Industries, Brazil

Adizes has helped us think as a corporation. Before, each of us acted to represent his own division. Now we operate as a team.

P.N. Gerolymatos

Former President

Gerolymatos S.A., Greece

The Adizes methodology has helped us solve many structural and functional problems. I believe it is the most advanced management methodology in the world today.

Ernest Fleischmann

Executive Vice President and Managing Director

Los Angeles Philharmonic

With Ichak, we examined our management structure to find ways to give more focus and definition, and come up with an organization chart...It was absolutely successful! We went in somewhat skeptical and came out exhilarated. We gained a great deal of focus and gained individual as well as team responsibility.

Frank Chamberlain

Former President

Porter Paint Company

The mutual respect and enthusiasm that we developed was incredible. Adizes gave me the vehicle and the impetus to get participation pushed throughout the company.There's no doubt that the change in climate was substantial ...his method allows you to get from everyone what they are capable of contributing.

Donald D. Boroian

Former President

Francorp, Inc.

In the past year we have increased sales by 70%, reduced operating costs, increased profitability and have significantly improved the climate in our organization. There is no question that much of the credit for this belongs to the Adizes methodology.

Tom Monaghan

Founder and Former President

Domino’s Pizza, USA

Adizes helped us generate better ideas and a climate where they can be better implemented.

George Gendron

Former Editor in Chief

Inc. Magazine, USA

The area of organizational health that Ichak Adizes pioneers is the great management frontier of American business in these times. For handling change and conflict there is only one guy out there — Ichak Adizes.

Eli Harari

Former President and CEO

Sandisk Corporation, USA

To remain the market leader in our rapidly growing industry we must continually restructure our company. Adizes is our primary vehicle for managing these internal transformations.

Luiz Carlos Zambaldi

Technology Director

Safra Bank, Brazil

We appreciated Ichak Adizes’ approach to doing business, his personal energy, charm and unrivaled professionalism.

We thank him for the fruitful cooperation and assistance in solving complex organizational issues.

Collaboration with Dr. Adizes and his team allowed us to adjust the management process and significantly improve the efficiency of the company.

Ramunas Lenciauskas

Chairman of the Board

Lithuanian stock company "Linas"

This is a great methodology, based on four major elements. It helped us to discover completely new things - that people's character differences are good, because only then can we create a team, which could make a company successful in short and long terms.

Ricardo B.Salinas


Grupo Salinas, Mexico

The Adizes Methodology for managing sustainable accelerated growth has been a major contributor to our success. In the ten years that we have worked with and retained the services of Adizes LLC, we have grown our capitalization from $261 million in 1992 to $3.5 billion in 2002, making us one of the largest corporations of the continent.

Lynn Elsenhans

Former President

Shell Oil Company, USA

The Adizes approach is the most effective tool that I’ve encountered for building strong leadership teams and getting results.

Steven Miller

Former Chairman President And CEO

Shell Oil Company, USA

Adizes has been an invaluable resource and insightful advisor in my efforts to restore entrepreneurial vitality to mature business organizations throughout the world.

James C. Morgan

Chairman Emeritus And Former CEO

Applied Materials Inc., USA

Adizes offers the secret to understanding how to stay ahead of the transitions that organizations make and how to provide the leadership through those transitions to optimum performance.

Karim Massimov

Former Prime Minister

Republic of Kazakhstan

Dr. Adizes’ theory of management can be applied beyond business uses; as a political manager I have found it to be particularly useful in my day-to-day work.

Kazakhstan has been working closely with the Adizes Institute for a number of years and its methodology has proved to be very useful in our decision making process.

Stewart Resnick


Roll International, USA

I’ve been using the Adizes method for over 40 years. It has been instrumental in our being able to grow our business during that time from about $50 million per year to over $4 billion. The lessons of balanced management recognizing all the disciplines necessary in every organization, regardless of size, have been a driving force in our success.

Samuel H. Armacost

Former CEO

Bank of America

The Institute’s methodology has enhanced internal communications by encouraging habits of participatory management and by helping us accept change as normal and as continuous opportunity for the bank.

William H. Newman

Professor of Democratic Business Enterprise

Columbia University Graduate School of Business

Ichak Adizes is one of the few management consultants who has converted a whole array of theory-based concepts into unusually practical guidelines for managers.

And even more impressive, he has integrated these guidelines into a comprehensive system of management…

Tony Robbins

Peak Performance Specialist


Adizes’ insights cut straight to the heart of what it means to effectively lead and manage others.

Charles R. Schwab


Charles Schwab & Co., USA

Profound in its simplicity. The Adizes methodology has made me a better manager.