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Success is to Have Successful Failures 

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Life is never smooth and free of troubles. Life is change, and change produces new challenges one needs to address. To address them, one needs to make decisions in situations of uncertainty, and the implementation of such decisions is risky. Thus, change spells: problems. So? I, for one, have

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The Dying Democracy

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  Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu of Israel controlled the executive branch to the point that the most important ministerial roles he took for himself. He is accused of bribing the media to support him politically and is trying to control the

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On Gun Violence

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The right to bear arms, which is a constitutional right, was designed to grant people the right to oppose an oppressive government. I suggest that while this reasoning might have been legitimate when it was written into the Constitution,

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How to Find Love

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I know quite a few ladies who complain to me that they cannot find the love of their life.   The common denominator? They all live in big cities with a lot of hustle and a lot of stress. And note, in big

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Why People Do Not Take Responsibility

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Many leaders have experienced the frustration when someone consistently refuses to take responsibility.   There are many ways to avoid accepting responsibility. The most obvious way is by giving endless excuses or, later, to blame someone else for the wrongdoing.   While consulting in formerly communist countries, I had an insight into why this might be happening. In those countries, dictatorships were the mode of government. The same might be

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Loving Haters

  I remember reading a diary written by one of Yugoslav partisan generals, Dedier, whose unit was fighting the axis forces during the   Second World War. Dedier was describing how his partisan unit surrounded an Italian garrison at night as the Italian soldiers were sitting around a

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