Insights on Personal Growth

What is success?

My son was visiting me. Sitting next to the pool on my ranch, surrounded by the beautiful valley and the high mountains beyond, said: "Daddy, you made it." I've been thinking about what he said.

The Road to Hell

When we were in the garden of Eden we were not conscious. We were not even conscious that we were nude. We were ignorants in the garden of Eden. There is a benefit to being ignorant. One does not know enough to be worried about anything, so one is happy. Happily ignorant.

If you disagree, you are not listening

It frequently occurs in discussions, when someone does not agree with you, that he or she will say: "No, no, no, no, no. You don't understand what I said. "You're not listening.”

Why We Gain Weight During Corona? 

I noticed when do I get hungry? Either when I am stressed, anxious or very tired. What is the common denominator? Loss of energy and one way to get energy is to believe that more calories means more energy and that drives us to eat.

Why I Meditate

Physics tells us that when the Big Bang happened, time and space started, which means that what existed before the Big Bang had no time or space limits. It was infinite.

Analyzing Extremes

When you find nothing, the reason why you find everything is because when you are in nothing, you're totally free to pick up anything. You have no limiting attachments. You're not obliged to anything...

Healthy Christmas and Healthy New Year

2020 was a tough year for all. Globally. Covid 19 was a stress test of how well integrated we are as humans, as families and companies. And countries. Those that were physically falling apart, disintegrating due to age or chronic diseases, suffered the most, actually died. And families that were on the brink of divorce, locked for days, weeks and even months in close quarters, probably made the decision to split ...

  On Finding Happiness 

Most of the people that know me will find this blog surprising. I know how to joke, I know how to laugh, I know how to sing together with my friends, even to join a circle dance...

The Terror of Assumptions

How frequently do we have a conversation in our head about an event that did not happen yet? By the time we finish debating and analyzing the event, and in the process amplifying the case and creating a scenario that fits our way of perceiving reality, we confuse what is in our head with real reality. We're getting all upset while in reality nothing happened at all.

Whose Problem Is It?

... When your spouse or a friend or a foreign person that you don't know very well misbehaves, why are you getting upset? You cannot control them. You cannot change them. Why is their problem of having an attitude problem your problem? Why should you suffer because they're crazy?Since you can not control their behavior the problem is not their mental state. ...