Insights on Personal Growth

Succession Planning in the Old Testament

Moses—the visionary leader who led the Hebrew tribes from slavery to freedom, from Egypt to the promised land of Canaan—was not allowed to lead the tribes across the Jordan River to the promised land to which he led for forty years. Feels like unfair treatment of a loyal servant of God, doesn’t it?

Where Is Happiness

Many of us have asked ourselves the question, “What is happiness?” When asked in this way, it can be very difficult to find an answer. Where should one start? Trying to define the term can get you lost in endless interpretations. I suggest rephrasing the question to: “Where is happiness?” Because if you figure out where it is, you just might find it.

Everything Is Nothing

The semantic differential—love/hate, hot/cold, day/night, black/white—is not two extremes. If you take one extreme and make it more and more and more and more extreme, it will become the beginning of the other extreme. 

Seven Wonders of The World

I was sent a video that I found very inspiring and I would like to share it with you.

Do Not Follow the Leader

The title of this blog may look a bit strange, because we typically hear, “follow the leader.” The problem is that “follow the leader” does not always apply.

How to Measure Success

This makes perfect sense, but there is a danger in measuring we should be aware of. There's something called the Streetlight Fallacy: A person goes down to the street in the middle of the night. It is very dark, pitch dark. He sees his friend under a streetlight looking for something on the ground.

The New Virtual World 

One wonders what is fueling cryptocurrency, which continues to go up and up in value. There are multiple explanations. Some of them are familiar, such as the fact that some people are losing trust in money issued by the government. The perception is that the central bank is printing more and more and more currency, which can lead to a tremendous inflation. So, some try to escape to a safe bay, such as real estate or cryptocurrency. They are more willing to trust a decentralized system than the powerful center of the Federal Reserve System. I‘ve come across another possible explanation.

Knowing vs. Thinking

When listening to podcasts, I’ve noticed that sometimes the host or a guest will start their presentation with the phrase, “Research shows that . . .” Why start with these words? It seems as if the reporting of research findings allows the reporter to avoid the risk of being criticized. Supposedly the research presents an absolute truth that nobody can challenge. Are they afraid to think..?

New Years Eve2022

 How did the new year sneak on us so fast. I just remember celebrating 2021 “ yesterday”. Time is flying faster as we get older. And the pandemic is not helping. Where is life going ? Like water passing between my fingers….. just moving on…..

When to Give, When to Take

I’ve noticed that when an organization is young—not necessarily by chronological age, but behaviorally—the people in that organization are prone to give. They work hard to build the organization, to achieve a mission. So, they're all "giving." Giving energy.