Why We Gain Weight During Corona?

February 5, 2021

I noticed when do I get hungry? Either when I am stressed, anxious or very tired. What is the common denominator? Loss of energy and one way to get energy is to believe that more calories means more energy and that drives us to eat.
 What else depletes energy or gives energy?
 Do you realize that when you are surrounded by friends, relaxed, laughing a lot and feeling very comfortable and very loving, that you feel energized while when you're alone, you feel depleted of energy. Increasingly getting depressed.
 Integration gives energy. Disintegration depletes energy.
Making love with someone you love gives you energy. Why? Because you are experiencing sublime integration not just with the person you are with but with the universe when you experience the orgasm.
 Socializing  with friends, relaxing and loving, gives you energy; you are feeling part and parcel of a group of people you like or better, you love.
 Meditation gives you energy. You are integrating with something bigger than you.
 A good sleep gives you energy. Your body gets integrated.
Jogging causes integration because you activate all your muscles and they work together.
During Corona, we are isolated and isolation, disintegration, causes depression and hunger.
  What is the answer?
 Exercise in your apartment, go for a walk if you can, meditate, talk on the phone or better on any social media connecting  with people you love, sleep, make love and  avoid angry interactions at all cost.
 Those are better alternatives than getting fat.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes