Healthy Christmas and Healthy New Year

December 25, 2020

2020 was a tough year for all. Globally. Covid 19 was a stress test of how well integrated we are as humans, as families, companies and countries.  Those that were physically falling apart, disintegrating, due to age or chronic diseases, suffered the most, many died. And families where  the relations were only strained, locked for days, weeks and even months in close quarters,  the conflicts became unbearable and  made the final decision to split. 

And the manifestations of the disintegration are all over the place. People lost their jobs, companies lost their customers, and people, in many countries, lost their trust in the leadership and political system that runs their country. Conspiracy theories are running wild and getting wilder and more unbelievable by the day. Soon I expect the Jewish people will take the hit. Throughout history we were blamed for anything that was undesirable, painful and without easy explanation. 

Building trust takes time and effort. Losing trust is easy and instantaneous. 

How long will it be to get back to normal?  On a country level it is difficult to integrate a democratic society. Democracy is by design a system that fosters diversity which easily disintegrate into semi anarchy orautocracy parading as a democracy. 

Are we ready to face the future that challenges everything we stand for and questions our beliefs, our systems, our values…our life as we know. 
The compass leading us to the right target  I believe in is: INTEGRATE, develop and nurture MUTUAL TRUST AND RESPECT within yourself, family, community and country and, yes, let us dream,  integrate with mutual trust and respect globally.  


Ko Yehi Ratzon ( GodWilling.)

Amen (Have Faith)  




Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes