Insights on Management and Leadership

What is the Future of Management? Presented to Heartfulness Mission - The Day for Peace

Everything in this world is system. You as a human being, you are a system. A family is a business. A country is and so is business. The globe, planet is a system called an ecosystem. By definition, every system is comprised of subsystems. A company has a marketing subsystem, sales subsystem, production subsystem, financial, human, capital subsystems. A human being has the nervous subsystem, the blood flow subsystem, the respiratory subsystem, etcetera. And a country has the legal subsystem, the economic subsystem, the technological subsystem, the social subsystem.

Healthy Company How and Why? Presentation by Prof. Ichak Adizes to Merge Foundation 

Healthy Company How and Why?Presentation by Prof. Ichak Adizes to Merge FoundationAll these achievements I could not do if I was not healthy. So, how should we produce profits in the short and the long run? By being healthy. If the organization is not healthy, it cannot produce the profits. Maybe it can produce in the short run, but it will not be sustainable. I started asking myself : "What does it mean to have a healthy company?"

What is Keeping Underdeveloped Countries from Developing?

The meaning of the word “development” has been debated. Indeed, the World Bank has essentially stopped using the terms “developing” and “developed”—first because they are fraught with misunderstanding; but also because countries no longer fit neatly into one of the two categories. Plus, there are disputes about how to measure standards, with GDP very much out of fashion, while “multiple modernities” has become a focus of controversy about what to count and how to achieve it. Nations can succeed in some ways but not in others. It’s not a smooth divide, nor is it a smooth path.

How and Why Things Can Go Tragically Wrong

The purpose, the goal of Communism was ultimate justice and happiness: All people will be equal; there will be no exploitation of other people. And what happened? Millions of kulaks, land-owners, were killed, and the nation of Ukraine was starved. Millions of people were sent to the gulags, where they suffered or perished. What went wrong? The goal was so pure.

Russia’s Dilemma

When I lecture in Russia, my PowerPoints and I are translated into Russian, so I have learned that the words for “power” and “government” are the same: vlast. In other words, government and power are one and the same, presuming that the only power is with the government, and the people have no power. Ponder the political meaning of that.

On Organizational Therapy

What causes problems, why they become chronic, and why companies need external help. With the Big Bang, the universe became one huge web of systems composed of subsystems, which in themselves are composed of their own subsystems. With the Big Bang time and space started and as time advances, change occurs but the subsystems do not change at the same speed. The change is not synchronous. Some subsystems change faster than others.

The Functionality of Corruption 

Corruption is a dirty word. All over the world people want to fight corruption because they feel it is unfair, unethical, and destructive. And it is. I find however that the solution given, persecution, to be ineffective . I would like to present a new perspective that in SOME CASES, corruption fulfills a needed function; if you eliminate it completely, the side effects may be worse. It should be eradicated differently than through the penalty system. Penalties are at best a band aid. In the Hebrew language there is an expression (I don’t know the source of it): a hole in the fence invites the thief. In other words, some people are weak in character. If there is something a person might cherish or want that they can get by exploiting the opportunity the hole offers, those of weak character will be tempted to get in and follow up on their temptation.