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On Organizational Therapy 

There are companies that specialize in providing solutions to chronic problems when an organization is not successful in solving them by itself. Consulting, coaching, and organizational development firms have traditionally provided these services. Organizational therapy represents a paradigm shift in helping companies solve the chronic problems that hamper their development or threaten their existence.

PAEI Capital By Rufat Jahangirov Certified Adizes Associate Azerbaijan visiting author

Capital is anything one can use to generate income. In the past, it was easy to attach monetary value to most forms of capital. This is no longer the case as other ambiguous forms of capital started to play significantly larger role in organization’s capability to compete. And they are more unique to the organization and less interchangeable.

How to Have Successful Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPS)?

Implementing participative management in companies where workers or their representatives do not reap the benefits of their participation does not work well...

Decision Making vs Implementation

Many mistakes happen because people don't distinguish between the two different requirements. Here's an example. People might tell you, "It is a good decision” but they drag their feet to implement it. The decision will be at best, partially implemented or altered or not be implemented at all, or worse, implemented maliciously: they will sabotage the implementation. Where is the mistake? What is happening?

Turning Crisis into Opportunity: The Leadership Challenge

The question of how to manage in a time of crisis, and specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic, requires an analysis of the roots of the crisis. With the Big Bang time and space started and the universe became one big web of sub-systems that have to collaborate horizontally and vertically for the total system to operate.

What is a fact?

Yesterday during dinner two of my sons had a debate. One was saying that his friend had the coronavirus disease because he had all the signs, the symptoms of the disease. The other son disagreed. He said "You cannot say that he has the corona disease until he gets tested. ...

Intelligence vs Wisdom

Intelligence is the capability to handle information and derive conclusions based on the information that you analyzed and deliberated. The better are your analytical capabilities to find patterns , and understand the patterns, the more intelligent you are; you can derive conc...

Introduction to the new edition of Mastering Change

We are all living in a major global health crisis: Covid 19 . The pandemic crisis is not new . Before Covid 19 there was SARS, and before that MED . and before that the EBOLA scare. And before that THE SPANISH FLU, and before that THE MEDIEVAL CHOLERA. But there IS something n...

How to Finalize a Decision

There are three managerial styles that discuss a subject over and over and just cannot close the debate and bite the bullet. They cannot complete the final step in making a decision, that is, taking the decision. Type (A) type (I) and type (E).Type (A), the bureaucratic style,...

What is a Mistake?

‍Audio blog transcribed & How do you handle a situation in which someone is so scared of making a mistake in the decision they need to make that they panic? If most of their energy is focused on the panic, then very little is left to deal with the problem that is worrying them...