Transformation Division: The Mission

December 2, 2022

In this blog, I decided to share with you information about the Adizes Institute and what is my vision for the future.I dedicated fifty years of my life developing the Adizes methodology for managing change without destructive conflict. Managing it rapidly, effectively and, I repeat, without destructive conflict.

I and my associates have proven that the methodology works and the testimonials we got and are available on our website prove it.

In the last two years, I have dedicated my time to build the delivery institution for organizations that will apply the methodology for all those in need. In other words, the first fifty years were to develop the protocols that work well and that document the successes. Now is the time to build the system that will deliver this methodology massively.

The institute is composed of several divisions. The first one which delivers the purpose of our existence is the transformation division. It provides services from a set of offices worldwide.

Each office delivers all the services of the Adizes Institute, but the main work of this division is to provide transformation services to organizations, both in person and online. There are two types of services provided: the Adizes Transformation Program and it involves diagnosing where a company is on the corporate lifecycle; providing services to solve problems of a functional nature like sales or supply chain problems and systemic issues like redefining the mission of an organization, then its structure, then its reward system. It is a whole program that brings the organization to be the best it can be. The program is custom-made according to the needs of a company at its stage on the lifecycle. It's not a one-size-fits-all program. It's not a consulting job. We do not write reports and give advice or do research for the client. We give organizations the tools to help themselves.

The program helps for instance a company overcome the problems that come along with company growth (usually seen in startup companies); or with the transition from founder to follower (usually called Succession Planning); or in helping to keep a company in Prime (so it doesn't age and become bureaucratized); and finally—for companies that have become bureaucratized and have lost their flexibility—the program guides them to rejuvenate themselves.

Second service Rapid Alignment addresses a specific issue: audit of the quality of management processes (syndag), solving a specific issue in sales or production, defining the corporate vision and mission, and designing the organizational structure

Both services start with a diagnosis: What is normal and what is abnormal within the company, and based on the findings, what should the plan of action be, defining the corporate mission or redefining it? After that realigning the company’s organizational structure and reward systems.

The offices provide more than transformation programs. They also provide online leadership training, individual coaching to those that seek it, digital applications to evaluate managerial or leadership styles, or to measure the degree of mutual trust and respect that exists in the company, etc. See our website and come try us out. See the testimonials, please.

Written by
Dr. Ichak Adizes