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The Age Of Mistrust

Peter Drucker named his generation “the age of discontinuity.” I would like to call the present times “the age of mistrust.” We are living in a new jungle. In the old jungle, we knew who was the snake and who was the wolf. In the new jungle, no idea. Many are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Many snakes that tempt you with forbidden fruit have incredible titles and certificates.

Jewish Pride Is Missing

We need to build Jewish pride museums. We must present to the world the contributions Jewish people have made throughout history in art, literature, medicine, science, and the social sciences.

Is The United States On The Decline?

In my travels I come across many foreigners who admire America and would love to live here, would love to move here and invest here. What is it that America offers that is so attractive that others lack? It is not size. Other countries are even larger. It is not resources. Others have no less. What is it?

Cutting the National Deficit

The country is in turmoil: the national debt of the United States is, to put it in simple words, HUGE, or huge enough to worry even politicians. National leaders are saying things like: “I am not worried about my grandchildren or my children anymore. I am worried about us, now...

The Muslim Threat?

The Western world has developed a serious case of Islamophobia. The reasons are obvious: Terrorist attacks by radical Muslims have become a regular occurrence; added to that, Western Europe is starting to grasp the possibility that, because of immigration and the high birth ra...

Israel: Left, Right Or Both?

On the diagnosis side, I am a political Leftist; I am in their corner. Israel has taken and settled land that was once occupied by Palestinians.The claim that religious Jewish right has made––that this is Jewish land because it was promised by God several thousand years ago––d...

Why No to Tolerance?

It is in vogue to promote the idea of tolerance among ethnic groups, races and religions. In Santa Barbara where I live there is a whole program in schools providing educational material about "tolerance". In Washington D. C. The Museum about the atrocities of the Holocaust is...

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