Commentary On Current Affairs

Commentary on the Presidential Elections

Democrats consider President Trump as the person who is causing chaos, dividing the nation and leading to major dangerous disruptions. Republicans see the Democrats as a major threat to what made America great, that it will lead to socialism and change this country for the worse. Each party sees the other as the villain. I see the situation differently.

Corona Missed Opportunity

Over the decades, society has sought economic growth at the expense of the environment and our quality of life. Granted, the standard of living has improved, but our quality of life has worsened. Stress. Pollution. Overcrowding. Alienation. All results of a mad dash for materi...

Why the Coronavirus Panic

One characteristic thatdistinguishes humans from other living creatures, that makes us unique, is theneed to understand. Other living systemshave an organism that guides the what,how, when, and with whom ofaction, but none have philosophers or scientists who try to explain wha...